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My Facebook Account Login Password – Your Facebook account login password is the access you need to access your account successfully, it is nearly impossible to access your Facebook account without your Facebook account.

That is why it is advised that you protect your Facebook password because it is the only access, that unauthorized body needs to access your Facebook account. Facebook account login can only be successful with your Facebook password when you enter an accurate passport and user name Facebook understands that the rightful owner of the Facebook account is the one accessing the Facebook account.

My Facebook Account Login Password

However, without a valid Facebook password you won’t be allowed to access Facebook, this is because the Facebook system thinks that an unauthorized user is trying to access the Facebook account, hence the denial.

In a situation whereby you forget your Facebook password, Facebook will always give you the opportunity of recovering your Facebook login to my account password forgot if you have forgotten your password. Facebook forgotten password will give you a second chance at logging into your Facebook account.

I will be discussing how to recover your Facebook account log in password, change your Facebook password, and how to reset your Facebook password.

How To Recover Your Forgotten Facebook Account Login Password

Forgetting your password happens to almost everybody for a particular reason or the other, when this happens you don’t have to panic or think that you will lose your account, you can recover your password.

Follow the steps below to recover Facebook password:

  • Open the Facebook app or access the Facebook official log in page
  • Scroll down and access the forgotten password button and click on it
  • Provide your mobile number
  • Click on the search link
  • Click on the next link, If you want a code to be sent to the number you provided
  • You will receive a six digit code
  • Fill in the code
  • Click on next to proceed
  • But if you don’t want to use the phone number method, you can click on try another way on follow prompt.

Once you have a valid password and username, log-in in to your Facebook account should not be a problem.

Facebook Account Password Change

Follow the steps to change your Facebook account login password?

  • If you want to change your password, click on the three line icon at the upper right of the Facebook page
  • Scroll down and select settings, then click on security and log in
  • Select the change password option
  • Enter your current password and provide a new one
  • Click on change
  • Tap on forgotten password and follow prompt

How To Reset Your Facebook Password

Here is how to reset your Facebook if you are not log in:

  • Select the forgotten password option
  • Provided email address or phone number/full name associated with your Facebook account
  • Tap on search link
  • Follow promote to rest your password

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