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Facebook Security setting was built as an added feature to the platform which helps users control and manage their account properly. Facebook offers to the world a means of protecting their accounts from hackers and to stop other people from having access to thier account.

Facebook Security Setting does not necessarily give a bulky tool for controlling your account. Though it seems a little bit difficult to find those settings, and they may not really offer the level of protection you seek.

Facebook Security Setting

Not to worry! We will be walking you through on how it works and you need do to keep strangers like advertisers, second-party app and even Facebook off your account.

  What Is Privacy Settings For Facebook

Currently speaking, a lot of users face the challenge of hacked accounts, people posing as them FB or even chatting with their accounts. You an put a stop to all these my going through an easy process of making your account private.

Listed down below are simple steps to having a private account

  • At the top left of your Facebook page, click on ‘settings’ menu
  • In the left hand menu click SECURITY
  • Login and click on the icon Edit
  • Next to it is a is and tag for Change password
  • Type in your current password

Facebook is now aware of the changes you have made.

How To Privatize Your FB Account

After you must have created a stronger password for your FB account you can as well take note of these few steps for a more secured account.

  1. Limit users: here you can reduce the number of people viewing your posts and details which are personal. Click on the Help centre button, then go to privacy checkup.

Whenever you post, you can now choose who you want to see it including Apps and Profiles.

  • Tagging people

Tagging people is an awesome way to let them know you posted something new on Facebook which is related to them


Some mobile app request access to your Facebook account. It is better to find out what information they can access. Click on the downward arrow menu and click settings.

There after it is followed by Apps from the left menu.

Different variety of apps will show. Just click one for test running by doing that you will find out which information it uses. You can untick anything you are not comfortable with.

It is important you are in control f your account. A Facebook Customer Service has also been provided for you. It helps you solve any problem you have on the site and helps you maintain your identity.

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