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Facebook Friends Near Me has made it easy for you to locate your friends nearby. With this feature other in your environment or area can easily see your post and even get to chat with the privately. A temporal share of your current location is also permitted. It is an optional feature attached to FB unless you wish to turn it ON.

Why give this feature a second thought when you can locate who so ever you desire without stress and also switch it on and off from time to time.

How Does Facebook Near Me Work

Nearby Friends was created by FB to ease the stress of roaming the internet in search of friends or family. ‘Facebook Friends Near Me’ can be located within the FB app on the More tap.

 After clicking on the more tab, some options will listed for you to choose from. You will see the Nearby Friends if turned off, click on it to turn it on. Immediately after that a list of friends close to your location- it is left for you to choose who you want to.

Facebook Friends Near Me

Note: No friends will be seen if your friends do not also turn on this feature.

More About Facebook Nearby You Didn’t know

This feature has more than you than you think. If you click on the icon in the upper right of page after you have gone on FB friends near me, you will see where you can choose who sees your location and who doesn’t.

You can select from the available list given to you. Even your exact location can be displayed with a friend if you wish to. For example to wish to meet up with a friend and you notice he/she is nearby. Click on the arrow icon next to the persons name and then how long you want that person to see your every move.  

Advantages Of Facebook Friends Near Me

  • It is optional
  • You can alternatively switch it off and on
  • This feature is very reliable

How To Switch Off Facebook Friends Near Me

If you have used Nearby Friends and decided it does not suit you or it is not relevant, you can turn it off. Just follow the same steps you used in turning it on to turn it off.

The little text down below your screen still lets you that even though you switch off this feature, the app still keeps track of your previous location when your not using the app.

For parents with kids who tend to look down on their screens all through the day, this is a great opportunity to keep track of your children by knowing their actual location.

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