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Legit Ways To Make Quick Money in a Day – Are you in search of fast ways to make money in a day? Whether you are trying to make an extra income, pay off your debts, or just a means to add to your finance, there are many quick ways to make cash in a day.

Put together in this post are several you could consider to make extra income and be financially stable. Therefore, read this to the end to learn them all!

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1.   Drive with Uber

One of the fast ways to make money in a day is to work as a driver with an app-based taxi service, Uber or Lyft. This job is convenient and allows you to work around your own schedule which makes them great options if you are looking for a side hustle or a full-time job.

As a Uber or Lyft driver, your earnings are calculated based on the distance and the amount of time spent during the ride. If there is a high demand for drivers in your location, you can even earn more cash. You can also make extra money when the location of the day is a sought-after location. Therefore, always be strategic when selecting areas you want to drive in.

If you will like to make money in a day as an Uber or Lyft driver, the following are the basic requirement you must meet;

  • You must be  21 years old or above.
  • You must possess a valid U.S. driver’s licence.
  • You are required to have a minimum of one year of legally obtained driving experience in the United States (three years if you’re under the age of 23).
  • You must have a 4-door vehicle in excellent condition.
  • You must possess documents of both car registration and insurance.
  • You will go through an online screening after applying to look through your driving history and criminal background.

2.   Take Paid Surveys

Getting paid while filling out online surveys is another popular way to make quick money in one day online. There are numerous companies and firms that are always recruiting people worldwide to help them answer surveys and test their new products.

These surveys are basically to either help the company improve their services or serve as a means to hear the people’s opinions about the products that are about to release. These online surveys take only a few minutes to complete so you can take as much as you can and get paid in cash or through gift cards.

Some of the online surveys you could try include;  Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, Toluna, Pinecone, LifePoints, OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, YouGov, Prizerebel, Opinion Bureau, Maru Voice, Panel Base, Y Live, Survey Junkie.

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3.   Tutor

If you are great at math or you can speak some languages excellently, then, you can make the most of your abilities by earning money as a tutor. Get gigs by connecting with kids or parents of students searching for extra help by contacting the local schools, or offer your abilities on Craigslist.

You can also search for tutoring opportunities online through websites like Tutor or Smarthinking Tutor, or Smarthinking, but before you can get hired, you must submit an application and pass a background check.

4.    Sell Your Books

How to make money in one day isn’t that hard. If you have books that are no longer of use to you, you can sell them in exchange for cash. Whether you own books for reading for pleasure or textbooks, they certainly have some cash value.

Selling books would be lucrative if you try to sell some used textbooks at a university or college. You can also try selling them on platforms like Amazon’s trade-in program, Decluttr, and Bookscouter to mention but a few.

5.   Food Delivery

Food delivery is also a quick way to make cash in a day. In fact, there are so many opportunities in this line of the world due to the advent of several app-based devices. Apps such as  Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates are some of the food delivery apps that enable you to make money in a day without having a food establishment or truck.

Additionally, delivering food with the help of these apps, allow you to choose when, where, and how much you want to work, giving you the freedom to earn extra cash on the side.

6.   Sell Your Unused Clothes

Have you thought about earning extra cash by selling off your used clothes? That is the benefit of decluttering. There are several places you can sell your unused cloth and you will make a substantial amount of money depending on the quality of the clothes.

Some of the platforms you can do include; Grailed, Poshmark, and Depop. Amazingly, the process to get started is simple. All that you have to do is to sign up, post your clothes, decide on a price, and watch it all happen!

However, it is important to measure the cloth’s measurements to make sure that your buyers are aware of the precise size of the item.

7.   Engage in research studies or focus groups

Becoming a member of a focus group panel is an excellent and fast way to make money in a day. Generally, a focus group is a collection of different individuals who are interviewed about their interests in and opinions regarding a given idea, service, or product.

It’s a very useful survey tool for businesses and organizations doing market research. If you join a focus group, you will most likely get paid between $50 to $400. Therefore, if you stay in the school area or you are a student yourself, participate in research work and earn handsomely.

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8.   Work as a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is also part of the fast ways to make money in a day from the comfort of your home. If you’re not familiar with this line of career, a virtual assistant is someone who supports their employers by helping them with a variety of administrative tasks like managing their calendars and schedules, documents and files, making travel arrangements, and much more.

However, you will be required to have a computer, a stable internet connection, and a workspace. There are plenty of opportunities in working as a virtual assistant so whether you want to work as a part-timer or full-time, you will also find a suitable role.

If you are interested in this role, you can apply on sites like Upwork, LinkedIn, or Indeed. All you need to do is send your resume and apply.

9.   Share App Referrals

New applications and software are always developed every now and then and one of the quick ways to make cash in a day is by introducing your friends and family to new applications to subscribe. This way, you will be able to make money from the referrals.

One of the applications that pay referrers is Cashapp. CashApp is a money transfer application and it has a QR code that you can share with your pals, inviting them to join the platform. Once they sign up, you will be rewarded with a bonus of $5.

Ibotta also provides a comparable referral cashback incentive for both its new and current customers. So once you register on this platform, you will be rewarded with $20 as a welcome gift plus $10 for each additional referral!

Final Verdict

Now you see how to make quick money in one day and online isn’t really thankful. Although might seem hard in the beginning once you explore your options and see which best fit your needs, fast ways to make money in a day would stop being your daily google search.

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