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Jumia Black Friday 2020 – Last year’s Jumia Black Friday event was awesome, but this year 2020 Jumia Black Friday will be a blast – I know you don’t want to miss out.

Jumia is an ecommerce platform established in 2012 and has broken barrier’s on online shopping experience in Africa. The ecommerce platform has become  successful to the extent of becoming one of the fore runners in Black Friday campaigns.

In today’s guide, you’ll learn what Black Friday means, Jumia black friday2020, it’s deals and discounts. So stay tuned and don’t forget to grab a drink.

Jumia Black Friday 2020 - Order an item on Jumia black Friday 2020

Black Friday

The black Friday even always mark the beginning of Christmas celebration in America since the year 1956 – during the event, you’re allowed to order for any item of your choice. Black Friday progressed from a free day of shopping to an accepted holiday, and today it is observed worldwide.

Jumia black Friday 2020

Jumia black Friday 2020 is the biggest online shopping event in Africa. As the Christmas season is coming forth, Jumia has made it possible for everyone to enjoy the best deals by bringing items ranging from electronics, household equipment’s, to fashion clothing’s at discounted prices.

It is an annual online shopping festival organized by Jumia to give huge discounts and price splashes on all products. The Jumia black Friday is usually flooded with online customers seeking to get best deals for various products or items they want.

What items can I order on Jumia black Friday 2020?

Almost every item is on sale on Jumia black Friday 2020 ranging from phones and tablets, shoes, clothing’s, electronics, laptops, televisions, musical instruments, and many others stuffs that will help spice up your life.

Order an item on Jumia black Friday 2020

You can order a bunch of items on Jumia black Friday 2020, all you need to do is visit the Jumia online site;

  • Use the Jumia search engine to search for items of your choice.
  • You can choose from the category section at the left side of the page.
  • Click on the buy no button
  • Choose your desired payment method, it can be a master or visa credit card or Jumia pay service.
  • Click confirm order.

When you click on the confirm order button, your item and payment method will be scanned and confirmed. A confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you.

When will Jumia black Friday 2020 start?

Automatically, every Friday in the month of November is a Jumia black Friday. The Jumia black Friday 2020 is that Friday after the Thanksgiving day which is the beginning of the Christmas celebration I’m America.

Jumia black Friday 2020 starts on 6th November till 27th November, you can enjoy mouth watering discount deals on different items.

Jumia black Friday 2010 promises to offer the best deals and price splashes to every Jumia customers. Customers should expect up to 90% discounts on items.

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