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You can choose to sell items on Facebook Market Place either through desktop Website of on the Facebook Mobile App

NOTE: That;

  • Facebook Marketplace is supported or available in the USA only where they are also limited on what to sell.
  • You decide on how you are paid for your sales as Facebook Marketplace is Free except for those selling as a shop.

Garage sales have really been taken over by selling stuff online. If you are just an ordinary seller who want to sell just a few kinds of stuff maybe like you gadget, The Facebook Marketplace is a free platform that will link you to people who might be also looking for what you want to sell near you. Like I said before there some things you are not permitted to sell on the Facebook Market place. All you need is to know the tricks on how to sell successfully on Facebook Market Place.

Let me let you know one Important thing you need to know about selling on Facebook Marketplace.

NOTE that Facebook Marketplace presently is fully supported in the USA.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be used on Mobile App or on the desktop which is the web view.

How to use Facebook Market Place on Desktop

  1. Login to your Facebook Account on you desktop browser, if you where not initially logged in.
  2. Just by the left side bar where you have other Menus click on “Marketplace“.

3. Then next Action is To click on “Create New Listing

4. Next is for you to select “Items for Sale

5. Click on “Add Photos” to upload the photo of the item you want to sell.

6. Next is to put up some description about the item and price but if you want to list the product as a free item enter 0 in the place where the price is to be stated. Then Click Next

7. Then select a delivery method for your item, and click Next.

8. Finally you can Click on the PUblish Button for your Item post to go live on the Facebook Marketplace.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace using Mobile app

  1. Locate the Facebook App on you device and login you Facebook account if need be.
  2. Tap the MarketPlace at the top of the page.

3. Next, Select the Sell button

4. On the Next step is to Create New Listing then Choose Item

5. Write a description that sells your product and then add at least one photo of the item.

6. Finally again Choose the Delivery Method and Tap Publish

If you look well you will observe it just the same procedure with the desktop Facebook Marketplace

Items You Can Sell ob Facebook Market Place

There are so many items that can not be sold on the Facebook Marketplace. To make things easy for you, I will quickly drop a list of items that can’t be sold on Facebook Market place.

  • Digital products Weapons
  • Ammunition, or Explosives 
  • Animals
  • Prescription, or recreational drugs Ingestible supplements Real
  • Virtual, or fake currency Misleading, deceptive, or offensive items

Facebook MarketPlace Payment Details

It is up to the seller to choose he/her payment method on Facebook Marketplace. Usually, Facebook highly recommends the Messanger Pay App or Paypal to receive payment instantly.

Better still for an easy transaction, you can communicate with your buyer using the Facebook Messenger App to chat and communicate which payment method will suit both of you. There you can easily know what payment is best for your buyer or if they choose to pay on delivery.

Do you Know you can send money through your Facebook Messenger if your Facebook debit card or Paypal account is linked to you Facebook messenger Account.

Facebook Marketplace Shipping and Returns

First I will like to clear you on the fact that shipping features only work if you are selling with the Facebook Shop and this attracts a selling fee of 5% for every shipment or a fee of $0.40 for shipment of $8.00 and below.

As you sign up for online checkout and shipping there will be a given time for every shipment to ship to the buyer else the order will be canceled and deleted by Facebook. You have the choice to cover the shipping cost or the buyer will pay for it. Also, you have to mark the item as shipped and add tracking info.

In a situation where you were your buyer requested a refund, you have just two business days to make the refund after you have received the returned item

Tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace

There are so many sellers on the Marketplace, so you must be outstanding for you to stand out. Below are some hacks you need to sell better and faster on the marketplace:

  • Always Check out the competition and price your items competitively.
  • Use very high-quality photos using good lighting to make your image clear.
  • Quick response to any question.
  • Have a well detailed item description to sell your items faster to your audience.
  • Use the word “I am open to offers and negotiate”.
  • Use tags to easily search you listings.

Acronyms Commonly used on the Marketplace You Must Be Familiar with

  • PM: personal message
  • OBO: or best offer
  • NWT: new with tags
  • PUP: pick-up pending
  • NIL: next in line

I am sure this post was detailed and had so much to teach. If you follow the guide given on the post properly, in a short time you will really be doing great on the Facebook Market Place. If you have any Question please do use the comment box.

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