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Log into Facebook Messenger – Have you ever felt like creating an account on Facebook, but have not concluded if or not you want to join the social media network, or are you still thinking of opening a Facebook account. Do you presently use Facebook but you would love to Know more about Facebook and how you can effectively manage your Facebook account by configuring your account in a way that is well secured and creating a fan page.

log into facebook messenger

Let’s talk a little about Facebook; Facebook is one amazing social media network that has come to stay with so much package to offer. So no matter what you are doing or you want to do Facebook has something to offer you. Facebook is the most operated social media network presently where lots of things are currently taking place like sharing all kinds of stuff online with family and friends and also a place where business is carried out constantly.

This article will put you through rightly how to Creat your Facebook account, securely login to your Facebook account, and also show different other ways you can log in to your account and so many other helpful settings.

HOW TO SIGNUP FACEBOOK STEP BY STEP With Desktop or PC | Facebook Messenger Desktop Login

  • On you browser visit www.facebook.com
  • Enter your original Name , Email or phone number, password, date of birth and gender. Ensure theses details are correct.
  • For security purpose the Facebook system might request you to use a stronger password, in this case try to mix upper case, lower case and special characters.
  • Once you have crossed this last step click on “Create an Account ”. Note you must be up to 18 years of age for you to run a Facebook Account.
  • Further more you may have to confirm the email address or the phone number in which you used initially to register the Account.
  • If you made use of email address to create the Facebook account, check your email for a confirmation email link. Click on the link to confirm the email. But if you made use of phone number, you will receive a code on SMS, fill in the confirmation code that will appear when you try to login.

How To Sign Up FB With Mobile

What I just showed above is how to create a Facebook Account using Desktop or PC. Here now I will show you how to create Facebook Account with Mobile.

Before taking you through the main step, first, to create Facebook account you must first Install Facebook App on your phone. The Facebook App is available for any device whether Android or iOS.

All you need to do is to visit Google play store for android users download and install the Facebook App. And for the iPhone user visit the App Store download and install the Facebook Application.

In case you have memory issues with your device, I will advise you to download Facebook Lite App. The Facebook Lite Application is also available for both Android and iPhone users. Follow the guide below;

  • After you download and install that Facebook App. Open the app on the home screen tap on “Create Facebook Account”.
  • Then tap Next on the next screen display.
  • Fill up your correct name, last name, Date of birth, gender, phone number
  • Then put your password, make sure it is well secured.
  • Finally, tap on Register and at this point if you have not done anything correctly the system will notify you with an error message so you can fix it up.

Once all these are properly done the system will automatically Log in your Facebook account. Now if the device is your personal device you can ask allow it to help you remember your password so you can always login your account easily.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER LOGIN | Log into Facebook Messenger

Before we dive into the Log into Facebook Messenger, let’s take a look at what Messenger is for those who are hearing it for the first time or those who have not used it before.

Messenger is actually an instant communication system owned by Facebook which can be used for Text Chatting, Voice calls, Video call,s and Voice chatting. It is just a chatting App like WhatsApp.

The Instant Facebook Messenger is a Free Chatting App that used for instant communication and sharing all kinds of content amongst our family and friend such as photos, videos, document sounds etc.

Facebook Messenger has some features which makes it special and different from other chapping apps like Gifs, emoji’s, stickers and you also share emotion and feeling right here in the Messenger app.

There are two basic modes on the Messenger App which are the Light mode and Dark mode though the light mode is the default mode which is the mode the app comes with it is downloaded.

Facebook Messenger App Feature

Below are some unique features of the Facebook Messenger App.

  • Group calling
  • Record voice messages
  • Video chatting and video calling
  • Photo and video haring
  • Messaging
  • Group chatting

How To Login Facebook Messenger

To Login Facebook Messenger is almost the same procedure with the Facebook Login. Just like the Facebook Account has age restriction so the Facebook Messenger does, only people ovrer the age of 13 years can own a Facebook account. So you must, first of all, have a Facebook messenger Account before you can Log into Facebook Messenger. First here are the steps to Facebook messenger sign up.

  • Visit the Link www.messenger.com
  • As you have appeared on the page
  • Carefully fill out the required details
  • Fill out your details correctly
  • Then enter your email or phone number
  • Set password for the Facebook Account make sure it is very secured.
  • Select your gender
  • Then tap next to verify your email or phone number depending on the one you used
  • If it is email you have to visit your email inbox to click on the confirmation code and for phone number check your mobile phone for confirmation code.
  • Then select a profile pictures for your and fill further details about you if you wish.
  • Once these steps are duly follow, you can login your Messenger account at any time using your email or phone number and password which you set initially.

Facebook Login

Initially on this same post I clearly show you how you can create a Facebook Account, so since you have done that you now have a Facebook account. Now you can login from the website www.facebook.com or www.Messneger.com, you can as well log in via the email or phone number used initially in creating a Facebook Account. Here Is the Login guide for Logging Into the Facebook Account.

  • On any browser in a well internet connect device visit the facebook.com.
  • Just at the right site of your screen at the top you find login button
  • Click on it and fill out your Facebook login details correctly.
  • After that click on the Login and the page you will see is your Facebook dashboard and here you can enjoy all the features on Facebook

Sure you got every single guide correctly as we did our best to simplify it as much we can. If you need further support kindly let us know through the comment box. Cheers

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