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The Azimo mobile transfer app is the best route to take if you want the freedom to send money abroad. In this guide, you’ll learn more about Azimo app, fees, and exchange rates – you’d also know if the Azimo money transfer app is the right choice for you.

 The Azimo mobile app enables you to perform certain functions like; request, send, and receive money to and from abroad using a phone number or email address. With the Azimo mobile transfer app, you can;

Azimo App
  • Pay your bills internationally.
  • Pay for a trip abroad.
  • Grow your business internationally.
  • Send and receive money from abroad.
  • Send money with bank details of the recipient.

Let’s dive in…

There are mobile money transfer service apps everywhere on the internet and the Azimo money transfer app is one of them – it offers low-cost money transfers abroad. Azimo was co-founded in 2012, it offers money transfers to about 200 countries in over 80 different countries.

Azimo is a global money transfer service provider that allows easy transfer of money at lower rates to and from abroad. A few years ago, the Azimo company booster its appeal by developing money transfer options specifically for small business which offers a twist on the convenience of sending money around the globe.

Read on…

Azimo works with top banks and payment providers to ensure safe delivery of money transfers. The company provides it’s service to customers in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Pacific.

You can set up an Azimo account using your Facebook account details – that’s one feature that makes the app outstanding from other mobile money transfer apps.


  • You can send money directly to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Over 200,000 safe cash pickup locations worldwide.
  • Invite friends and earn cash
  • High performance.
  • Security improvements.
  • Transparent fees
  • No hidden costs.

Download Azimo transfer app

Here’s how to download and install the Azimo mobile money transfer app to your Android smartphone;

  • Open your Google play store.
  • Tap the search bar, type in the Azimo app keyword.
  • When the app icon appears, tap on it.
  • Hit the install button.

The app downloads and installs to your device within few minutes. Azimo has its own website, as well as Android and iOS applications.

In conclusion,

Azimo has reasonable fees and exchange rates, although they are not the cheapest option, their fees depend on the country you are sending to and the currencies involved. The exchange rate also depends on the payout method you require.

Azimo is not one of our team’s top-rated money transfer apps, but it’s sure a good idea when it comes to money transfers.

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