Google Classroom is a free online service, created by Google for schools. This feature was developed for school that aim to simplify building, sharing and grading assignments in a form of paper.

The basic purpose of Google Classroom is to reduce the rate of distributing paper work between teachers and students. This feature includes Google Drive for assignments, Google Docs for writing and Gmail for passing across information and also a calendar for scheduling classes.

Students can be asked to join a class through private code or automatic entrance from their schools domain. Teachers and guidance can monitor the activity of each and every one of their students but, they must also progress for each student.

After been accessed and graded, teachers can return their work along with comments.

How Do I Join Google Class

  • Go on your browser and type
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • A class code will be given to you to join, it consists of 6 to 7 letters or numbers.

The process is quite easy to follow and join classes online. This feature is very beneficial to people who school from home because of one reason or another.

Is Google Classroom Free?

It is a joint application which is free for teachers and learners. Tutors can develop online classrooms, ask students to attend class and give assignments. Google Classroom is free to all who wish to join, it is a very educative and fun plan because you tend to meet different people who can help with which ever issue you have.

You can also create your own class room simply by opening a web browser, then go on the google classroom wed site and sign in with your Google Apps for Education account. On the web page, click the plus sign at the top of the screen and choose create class. In the dialogue box, type in the class name and section.


  • Helps In Assignment

Assignment are kept and graded on Google suites of productivity that gives you access of collaboration between teachers and student or student to student.

  • Accessment

This feature support many grading schemes. Students and teachers can create files and attach them to assignment if a copy was not created.

General announcement can be posted on by heads of classes and teachers to the class which can be commented on. Classroom can be accessed on the via web or Android and IOS devices.

Teachers can archive courses at the end of every session or annually. It helps keep record of previous classes and keep the recent ones organized, google does not use the classes or members for advertisements.

Most people are restricted from going to school. You can try out the Google Class Room today for free and get more knowledge.