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YouTube is an online platform where you can watch, like and subscribe to channels. It is an American video-sharing website located in San Bruno , California. YouTube gives users access to watch, upload, view, rate, share, comment, add to playlists, save, subscribe to other channels and even download videos.

This app brings a large amount user generated and corporate media. Moreover, most content are uploaded by users and other companies and corporations.


Contents available on YouTube include TV show clips, video clips, live stream, audio recordings and so many others. Videos like documentaries and educational videos are also included.

 Features Of YouTube


All users can upload videos as much as they want to under a 15 minutes duration each. While those with a good record of adhering and complying to the site’s rule and regulations may be given the grace of uploading videos of up to 12 hours in duration.

Live Streaming

YouTube had a test run of live streaming which was under strict investigation. It was restricted to users at the moment because it was used for broadcasting of events. In May 2013, the live stream became an open market to verified users with at 1,000 users, but it was later reduced to 100 users in that same year.


YouTube announced that it would introduced a feature similar to social media like Instagram and Snapchat called “story” in November 2018. The stories would up to 30 seconds in length. Only certain users with verified accounts can use this features.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Follow these instructions to create a channel

  • Sign in to YouTube on your computer or mobile device.
  • Click on channel list.
  • You can choose to create a new channel or use existing account.
  • Click on Create a new channel.
  • Fill in the details and verify your account.
  • Click on done, automatically it creates a new account.

What Is The Purpose Of This App

YouTube was created for free service to all. It helps you discover things you like. it helps you whatever you want, just search for it and believe me it will pop up. Recently YouTube is the most visited online media with over 1billion videos watched a day.

Anyone can view video without having an account. However, it contains some contents unsuitable for children and young people for example sexual videos, violence and hatred, drinks and drugs, bad video games.

It is advisable for kids under the age of 13 to restricted from having access to YouTube with the help of parental/guardians.

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