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Google Assistant- is an artificial intelligence created by Google to help users to with the many things. It is majorly available on mobile and smart phone devices. Unlike the previous the previous virtual assistant, Google Now was created to have a conversation with the user.

It was made a part of Android devices in February 2017. Now being a independent app, it has really been of great help to users who have little or no idea of the app and even current users.

Google Assistant

 With the frequent updates from time to time, Google has been able to reach out to a much greater of variety of devices like home appliances and cars than any other organization or software company over the years.

Advantages Of Google Assistant

Listed below are some awesome advantages of Google Assistant you did not know.

  • One on one chat with Google
  • Adjust Hardware settings
  • Helps to set reminder for events
  • Google Assistant helps you search for things just by saying them
  • It has different languages for communication

Instead of providing links to different websites, Google Assistant is designed to provide you with the result of anything you input. It was not only built for all that, it also helps you set alarms and play music online and also control some automatic home devices.

How Do I Turn On Google Assistant

You can turn the Google Assistant on and off with these easy steps.

  • On your android device, touch and hold on to the home button or say OK Google or Hey Google
  • In the top right of the page, click your profile picture or initial settings assistant
  • Under Assistant devices, select your device
  • You can now turn it on or off

Most times people see these features as waste of time, but I bet you might see it interesting to try out this one.

You can also teach the Google Assistant to recognize your voice. Just hold on to the home button or say OK Google. After clicking on your profile or initial settings assistant, then you select your phone, make sure your Google Assistant is on. Click voice model then follow the steps to record your voice.

More About This Feature

Google’s small speaker which comes with an Assistant AI, will be made available for just $129 with a free six-month trial of YouTube. It is also impossible for it to listen to your conversations when talking or not interacting with Google. Google has made this run without even paying a single dime. It helps you everything you want to do online and also an interactive session.

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