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 Facebook Business Page- is an opportunity created for business men and women to grow their business by increasing their brand awareness and generate income on Facebook. This can be a challenge on business owners to set up a page to help in advertising their product and help boost sales.

This does not necessarily mean you have to spend all your time doing this. A business can be created and run by free lancers who can help you develop your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Business Page

How Can I Create A Facebook Business Page

A business page is very easy to create if you really want to have one. Below are some easy steps to creating a Facebook Business Page.

  • Register for a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has created this Pages to only work using a personal Facebook account. Login into your account is the first step required. In the right-hand  of the tool bar, you will find the “Create” button.

After clicking on it, a list of options will appear for you to choose. Select  PAGE to create your Business Page. Two options will be given for you to choose from- a Business / Brand or Community / Public Figure. It is advisable to choose the Business or Brand.

  • Put In your Business Details

Facebook will like you to input a few of your information like what you want the name of your business to be. It is best if you put the same name as your actual business. Then, choose a category for your business.

  • Profile Picture

This is essential because it helps customers locate your business page easily. Just make sure is image is clear. Most business use their business logo. If you have trouble finding the right cover image for your page, you can create one for free on Canva.

  • Additional Business Details

In the left-hand menu of your page click of About. Here you have the chance of putting personal information to tell people more about your business. Details like how you can be contacted and where to get your products.

  • Being Actively Online

It is one thing to create a Facebook Business Page and it is another to be active always. You will need to be active on Facebook in other to draw the audience. Continuous is also required.

Advantages Of Owing A Page

This give everyone the chance to earn from Facebook and not just chat and post alone. Although it can be very occupying because it requires a lot of attention and time. Do not worry about that because you can go on fiverr and pay someone to create and manage your business account.

They can also help in creating a brand logo. Why not create a page today and fun as well as earning a lot from it.

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