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Earn In Dollars Through Email Marketing- The advent of social media and the internet has brought several opportunities for wealth to be made as entrepreneurs, business owners, and even product marketers.

In recent times, various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are being used by online marketers to promote the sales of their goods and services. Just as with the use of social media, one can market his or her product or service with the use of email. Yes, you read it right, email. This is what is generally known as email marketing.

In this blog post on how to earn In dollars through Email Marketing, several tips will be clearly explained.  Although it may seem like an old marketing technique when compared with the newer approach of social media marketing but the truth is, email marketing still does the trick.

Read along!

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategic means of reaching out to prospective clients or customers through commercial emails for the sole purpose of promoting your business brand.

With the use of email, potential clients or customers can be targeted and persuaded, current customers can be retained and old customers can again patronize one’s product or service.

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5 Proven Way To Earn In Dollars Through Email Marketing

1.    Sale of product or service

The first tip on how to earn In dollars through Email Marketing is through sales of a product or service. This is the primary means of making money with email as you must first have a product or service that needs to be sold to a potential client or customer.

Email marketing is very much like the physical market, where a marketer seeks to gain the attention of a potential buyer with a product or service in hand. Products that can be sold through email marketing include (but are not limited to);

  • Ebooks of different kinds
  • Online courses
  • Workshops
  • Membership in a club or organization
  • Training guides
  • Virtual skill acquisition classes and webinars.

2.    Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn In dollars through Email Marketing is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can simply be defined as selling another person’s or company’s product or service to a client or customer and earning a commission from doing so.

To promote sales, some companies are always looking for affiliate marketers to partner with in other to increase sales and product popularity. With the use of email marketing, you can be able to sell your clients a product or service of their choice.

3.    Implement a cart abandonment plan

  Recently, I was trying to register for an online course. I completed the registration halfway and due to forgetfulness, I wasn’t able to complete the registration. A few days later, I got an email from the course instructor, admonishing me to complete the registration and start the course promptly. The email also highlighted things I will come to gain if  I give the course a try.

This scenario clearly explains what having a cart abandonment plan means. It is to serve as a reminder for your old clients or customers to patronize your brand again. In order to convince them, relevant information about the product or service should be given to the client just to clear their doubt and gain their trust. It doesn’t need to be a long read, rather it should be short, persuasive, and precise.

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4.    Upselling premium products or services

Upselling in marketing means sales of additional products or services to a client or customer which is of a premium standard than the first product sold.

For example, let’s say you are a bodybuilding expert and you sold your eBooks on how to be physically fit in 6 weeks to your clients. In addition to that, you may decide to give a more exclusive offer of a virtual workout session with interested clients at a more exclusive price.

With that, you can make money with email marketing in addition to what you have made from selling your eBooks.

This is also a useful tip on how to make money through email marketing.

5.    Seek referrals from loyal customers

If your product or service is good and trusted by your clients and customers, it wouldn’t be a bad call to ask them to refer their friends, family members, and associates to your brand for patronage.

The best way to spread the gospel of a good product or service still remains physical conversations. The end result of a product or service often prompt people to ask questions.

For example, a fitness instructor sold an eBook focused on how to be physically fit through workouts and diet to a client. The said client followed through with the various instructions contained in the eBook and within a few weeks, Her diet improved and so does her physical fitness. Her friends began to ask questions as to why she was looking more healthy than before. You can imagine that this conversation will make her refer the fitness instructor’s eBook to them.

When your clients talk about your product or service to people around them and thereafter refer them to your brand, your sales will increase. Your brand will also gain more popularity.

It’s no crime to send periodic emails to clients and customers to implore them to spread the good news about your product. You can also ask them to share an online review of the product.

How much money can you make with email marketing?

While there are no specifics as to how much you can make from email marketing, there are some factors that can affect it however. Firstly, the size of your email list, the products and services you are promoting as a brand, and then, the overall strategy that you make use of.

With a convincingly good strategy in place, you can be able to make $200 dollars and upward monthly. This tends to increase as your email list continues to increase and your brand gains more popularity.

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With the various ways and ideas that have been shared on how to make money through email marketing, it is important to add that earning money with email marketing often takes time and hard work. You have to work overtime to increase your clients or customers and have a well-executed strategy.


Can you make money with email marketing?

Yes, you can! The awareness you create through commercial emails will influence your prospective and existing clients or customers to patronize your product or service which in turn will generate funds into your pocket.

How do I earn $200 doing email marketing?

Highlighted and explicitly explained in this blog post are you can earn $200 and more via email marketing. Read thorough to understand better.

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