How To Make Money On Teachers Pay Teachers 2023 | 2 Easy Tips to get Started

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Make Money On Teachers Pay Teachers- As a teacher, you already put in a lot of effort and experience a lot of stress, yet you may not be compensated as much as you deserve. But with the Teacher-pay-teacher platform, you can boost your income by selling pre-made lessons and resources to other teachers giving you the chance to make extra cash.

This platform is an incredible resource-sharing site that lets you sell your teaching products at a custom price. By creating and publishing your digital products on this platform, you get to enjoy the benefits of a recurring passive income for a long time.

Imagine making money while you sleep or even when you retire – this platform offers a unique opportunity to earn extra income with ease. So, if you’re ready to learn Make Money On Teachers Pay Teachers and start earning more as a teacher, read on!

Before we dwell on how to Make Money On Teachers Pay Teachers, let’s take a look at what the platform is all about.

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What is Teachers Pay Teachers?

The Teachers-pays-teachers is an online platform that allows teachers to sell, buy and share original educational resources, written and created by other educators on the platform. This amazing platform was founded by, Paul Edelman after he noticed a big gap in curriculum resources and how teachers struggle with teaching materials.

This gingered him to establish a platform that will allow teachers to share curricular resources with other educators for free or at a discounted price. The platform is also created to serve as a place where teachers can find inspiration, collaboration and any teaching resources they might need to get their jobs done.

Teachers Pay Teachers has over 1 billion resources that have been downloaded from the platform since its inception and still have more. This is to tell you that, you can find all that your need on this amazing platform.

However, one of the interesting parts of this platform is that you not only get to have unlimited resources to help resources. But, you also get to create materials to sell on the platform. This way, you will be able to earn extra income as a teacher and begin your journey to financial freedom.

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How To Sell On Teachers Pay Teachers

To make money on Teacher-Pay-Teacher, here is a step-by-step guide;

1.    Choose the Right Product to Sell

As much as many educators are in need of teaching materials, selling on Teachers Pay Teachers can still be difficult. Hence, the reason to sell what you know people are in need of.

Therefore, the first step to making sales on this platform is to find a product or products that your audience is in dire need of. Ensure to craft the material to meet their needs, then sell to them!

This way, you will be able to make sales and also solve the mystery of those in need of your product. However, ensure you don’t plagiarise any material and cite resources in your product if need be.

To get inspiration on what product to sell, you can check out the best-selling lists Teachers Pay Teachers publishes weekly, to draw inspiration. That would enable you to know the kind of content to create and that would sell best.

Below are some of the best-selling products you can recreate and sell  on this amazing platform;

  • Clipart
  • Writing practice sheets
  • Colour By Number sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Activity Books
  • Test Questions
  • Sheet Music
  • Posters for classrooms

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2.     Setting Up Your Shop

Once you have decided on the product to sell and you have it ready, the next thing to do is to open a free seller account on  Teachers Pay Teachers. The basic version of this account is free and it gives you access to everything on the platform including the ability to sell. However, with the basic account,  Teachers Pay Teachers. takes a high transaction fee commission of 45% from each of your sales.

This is why it is recommended to opt for the premium account. Here, the platform will only charge you 20% of all your sales. Nevertheless, you can start with the basic seller account first and then upgrade to the premium once you start making sales.

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How to Open Your Seller Account on Teachers Pay Teachers

●      Sign up

To register on this platform, you will have to log onto the official website of Teachers Pay Teachers. After signing up, you will be requested to choose any of the website package that suits you. You can either choose the basic which is free but comes with a high transaction fee or choose the premium which comes with a lesser transaction fee.

●      Create an Account

After selecting your preferred package, then you will have to create an account by filling in your name and email address. Then you will create a unique username and password after which you will select the grade you teach and your location.

●      Input Your Personal Information

In the process of creating an account, Teachers Pay Teachers will request your personal details for credibility’s sake. Here, you will be asked to enter your residential address, phone number, PayPal email address and date of birth. After entering these data, simply click on the ‘register’ bar to continue the sign-up process.

●      Fill out Your Teachers Pay Teachers Profile

At this stage, you will have to choose a name for your ‘Teacher store’. Ensure you take enough time to think about the name you will like to use. This is because once you choose a name, you will have to stick with it. You can name your store after your real name, your blog name or any other name you adore. You might be thinking why choosing a name is important. It is important because whatever name you select for your store will become the URL that will be used to view the product you sell.

After this, you will add a personal quote to your profile. You can check out other accounts on TPT that do what you do to model after their quotes. However, ensure all your put out are credible, original and genuine.

To complete your profile, you will also need to decide on the products you’ll have on your store page and finalize the registration by entering your teaching background, experiences and skills.

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How To Earn Higher Pay on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you want to boost your sales on this amazing platform, follow these tricks;

●      Offer freebies; giveaways are one of the best ways to generate more leads and make more sales. This is because they show potential clients the quality and credibility of the product your offer. One of the ways to use this trick on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform is to offer smaller versions of your paid products for free.

●      Sell Bundles: This is another interesting way to make extra profit on this platform. Instead of selling your courses and educational materials individually, sell series instead. This will make you sell more as your audience will be willing to buy months of lesson plans than pay for just one.

●      Sell on Other Platforms; to boost your income, selling on other platforms like Etsy will come in handy. Etsy is another huge market for educational resources and activities. It is also free so you can list your items there without worrying about any fee.

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If you are a teacher and you are looking forward to financial buoyancy, selling digital products on Teachers Pay Teachers will go a long way. Explicitly explained in this article are the basic things you need to know about this platform and how you can make good use of it. Peruse and start taking steps towards financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Selling On Teachers Pay Teachers Worth It?

Teacher Pay Teachers is one of those platforms that helps teachers to gain extra income while doing what they love. According to reviews, many teachers have bought and sold educational materials on this platform and they all commend the platform. Therefore, TPT is a platform worth giving a trial.

How Much Money Can You Make On Teachers Pay Teachers?

On this platform, you can make as much as $1000 and more from selling resources. While top earners make this much, the average earner earns between $300-$1000 monthly.

Is Teachers Pay Teachers legit?

TPT is not a scam platform! It is legit and every user is legitimately making good money selling digital products on the platform. If your products are non-plagiarised and of quality, you will definitely sell well on TPT.

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