Roobet is a Scam – is Legit – Roobet Review

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Roobet is a Scam – Roobet is an unverified crypto gambling platform with lots of negative feedback. is quite unique it shows that young people are not very good at differentiating valid information and are surprisingly naïve. uses platforms kikes YouTube to promote and sustain losers on their platform. made it clear that their VIP program is only accessible when you are invited, they said they only understand what their players want and most importantly they make it happens, this means that they have to show loyalty to the brand.

Roobet is a Scam -  is Legit - Roobet Review is very small and tight their party casino that can not afford to looks $3000 streamers on is a very cheap way to advertise their platform, you might see big wins however it’s mostly fake money give. To them. has the worst RTP of any online gambling site in the world, if you win a large sum of money, a pop notification will appear stating that your account has been suspended due to a violation of terms and conditions. lacks safety, they only go for underage players, and they only take virtual currency and there is no such thing as legal age.

Observation on

It is worth knowing that Roobet does not have a license to operate in Europe and they are restricted from accepting players from Europe union violations that are made on made are listed below

  • There is no KYC procedure.
  • Roobet go for  kids who are 15 years old are on youtube and can easily come across their ads.
  • Roobet has a fake license, license are supposed to be in malta the problem here is they do not have a license for Europe, their license is a fake license.
  • allow wthdrawals on Roobet without KYC procedure.
  • Roobet are money laundering when you deposit more than 250 euro, you won’t be able to access the platform again and they do not pay taxes in the country where the money comes from.
  • Roobet does not respond to users, once you come out to say truth they will either block or mute

To get your money back from follow the steps below, yes, you can get your money back.

  • Save your Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet address so that the transactions can be tracked.
  • Access the Report illegal content on the Internet official website
  • Select your country your country and paste your e-mail.
  • Provide all the necessary transactions-ID you have made to Roobet deposit wallets.
  • Ensure not to loose the Wallet you made the transaction.
  • Track the wallet and where the money is going on a safe on a document.
  • Europol will get to you back per E-mail.
  • Send them all the Transaction id

And the Europol will stand for you, and you will get your money back

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