Facebook as an online platform is the biggest social media networking site in the world. Anybody can make money from Facebook regardless of your business or financial status.

 How To Make Money On Facebook

If you feel Facebook is just for send messages and playing games, you might want to consider all other factors attached to it which involves earning from Facebook.

Can anyone make money from Facebook?

Facebook has made it possible for anybody to earn from. These days spammers roam the internet looking for people deceive. If caught the probability of you making is very low.

Ensure your description give the Facebook users the impression of you being someone with dignity and of good intensions.

Identification s also required to in your profile, many people insist on putting a profile picture in their business description.

 In as much as you want to make money, it is advisable to create a separate account. By doing this, you can keep your personal and business account separate.

What can be sold on Facebook?

  • Facebook has made it possible to buy and sell almost anything. Most users use Facebook to advertise their used products like car and other products like handmade items, electronics… which are up for sale.

Although they are variety of things you cannot sell on Facebook which includes; alcoholic drinks, hard drugs, ammunition, animals, money gambling, medical products etc.

Tips To Making Earn From Facebook

  • Write a Facebook content

if you sure you want to sell your products to currently existing Facebook friends, a content about what you intend doing and what you are willing to offer to the market is advisable to write and publish.

Now your friends can see you want them to Buy and Sell On Facebook with addition of a picture of your product.

  • Become a member of a Local Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook makes it easy to advertise your product you can easily join a group and create a post and as well have the list of other groups before the post go viral.

Currently, the most purchased items on Facebook are automobiles and garage sale. To easily access the group near you, just tap on Buy and Sell Groups in the Explore menu bar.

  If u feel there is not available group for your products, creating your own group is also a good idea.

  • Facebook market place

It is advisable to market your products on Facebook Marketplace also. The Market place an additional feature which is available of everyone to purchase and sell goods.

Users have access to the Facebook Marketplace so they can as well distribute your post among friends.

Some other factors are;

  • Entering a competition
  • Creating your own Facebook Ads
  • Seek for a job
  • Create Facebook Live Videos


Anyone can earn money from Facebook regardless of what you intend selling in your local area or promoting your product on an online website. Communication with other Facebook members reoccurring income could be made on Facebook if you require.

Even if you want to sell and already used product, Facebook is always open for business.