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Facebook, a platform to reach out to the world. An avenue that gives you the opportunity to video call, voice call and send massages at no cost. Facebook has brought before us an amazing feature which gives the access to buy and sell on FACEBOOK .

Buy And Sell On Facebook

Never the less, Facebook connects you with billions of people and helps establish your business. Buy and sell your products in your neighboring communities or local area with convenience.

Market place is a very reliable place on Facebook to discover things you can buy and sell beyond your reach.

How To Purchase On Facebook Market Place 

Marketplace is available in the Facebook app and on desktops and tablets. Look for an icon at the bottom of the app on ios or the top of your screen on Android. If you insist on using a web browser, you can locate Marketplace on the left hand side of the Facebook page. How to make money on Facebook


Listed below are some easy steps to advertising your products for sale in a Facebook buy and sell group:

  1. From your News feed, click on Groups at the left menu bar and select the buy and sell group you would like to sell your products in.
  2. Click on what are you selling?
  3. Put in the details about the item you intend selling this includes pictures of your product and some descriptions your buyers will find useful and also the price of your product.
  4. Click next
  5. Choose your audience….
  6. Click on post.

What Facebook Offers Best To Buy And Sell

Here are some tips on what to sell Facebook which gives your competitors a run for their money. As a matter of fact, there really is no lose by trying it out first.

  • Kid’s stuff. Parents group are one of the fast growing groups, so this wonderful for kid’s clothes, frozen dolls and toys.
  • Heavy and perishable items. Items such as sofas, wardrobes, electronics such as TVs, DVDs, phones, computers etc. are often limited to local people anywhere.

Advantages of market place includes:

  • It increases awareness
  • Build trust between buyer and seller
  • Help you to research on products that sells
  • Sells more products.

Market place also gives you the opportunity to contact the seller directly to strike a deal. Facebook does not involve in any activity of payment and delivery. When listing an item on Facebook Marketplace, you now have the access to offer shipping. Create a fresh list with details involved and select “offer shipping” at the bottom. You will be paid in full once your customer receives their item.

An advertisement of your product via video or a live broadcast is also an opportunity to sell on Facebook Marketplace. To also keep record of your previous transactions, you can go on Your Items secton from Marketplace main screen. You can as well save items, products you av posted for sale and all your interaction with people.

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