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Google Translate is an open multicultural machine translation service created by Google to help people interpret different languages. It openly gives a website interface, mobile apps for Android and IOS devices and also an APL which helps in developers build better software application and browser extensions.

This feature comes with over 100 spoken languages from different countries of the world. It was launched in April 2006 as a machine which collects, analyze, interpret and explain data. Google Translate serves over 500 million people per day.

Google Translate

With this app, communication is made easy because it first converts texts to English and then to the language of your desire during a dialogue or communication process.

Is Google Translate Reliable

Yes it is, Google Translate has been found to help thousands of people around the globe. Communication has been a barrier to so many things like purchasing a good in the market, communication with a colleague or even someone in your environment

With Google Translate you can now pass a message across to someone who does not understand you. Google has assured us that it’s new tool is over 50 percent more reliable and accurate than the previous Google Translate.

 The difficulty in language has a of vagueness. Now it possible for you to communicate freely when you are in a foreign land.

Features of Google Translate

  • It helps In translating words written in foreign languages.
  • Image translator: this function identifies content taken users and translate them instantly to Images.
  • Google Translate also helps in translating document written in different computer languages in form of .doc, .docx,.ps, .xls, .pptx
  • Functions as a translator of webpages to selected languages
  • Speech Translator: instantly converts spoken languages to any foreign language of your choice

It is obvious that this Feature is a micro intelligent and practical tool for many conditions, this does not imply it produces a perfect translation of the original text.

There is often different in the meaning, expression and sound in the written text that a machine find it difficult to understand.

Google made us understand that the accuracy of the translation depends on the language translated.

Moreover, other languages have been to have a very low rating of because of their differences. The China to American translation had a rating of 4.2

Advantages Of This Feature

This feature has also made is simple for Google Assistant to run smoothly. It helps in converting both text, images and documents to your understanding.

If you ever come across a language you don’t understand why not try out Google Translate by simply turning in on with this simple process.

  • On your android device or computer open chrome
  • At the top right of your screen, tap more settings
  • Series of options will be given to you, click Language
  • Check or Uncheck helps to translate pages that are not in a language you understand.

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