Facebook games are awesome features of Facebook which gives user opportunity to ease their stress and as well have fun. Luckily for users, Facebook has provided lots and lots of amazing games.

Facebook Games

With so much to choose from users, categories have also been created to lead users straight to their choice of games.

Easy steps to getting Facebook Games

Listed below are simple and easy steps to playing games on Facebook.

  1. After logging into your account, on the lefthand side of your home page click see more.
  2. Click on Games.
  3. To look for the game of your choice, go on Game Store and type in the name of the game you desire.
  4. An icon showing PLAY will appear

Now you can have a blast playing the games you want to. Moreover, it seems to be impossible to play these games on your Android browser. It is best to go into install the games from Play Store or Amazon App Store for Amazon devices.

Advantages Of These Games

A platform designed to connect Facebook users together and give the chance to know more about Facebook and what they have to offer. With over 2 billion active Facebook users monthly, gamers have been more active playing games on Facebook than even on video gaming sites.

How you can play Facebook Games without an account

A lot of company have recently been In partnership with Facebook. Many of these games can be found on Facebook and other websites.

  • Go to the websites of Facebook game developers.
  • Look on the site for a version of the game you can play, a link will be provided for you.
  • Select a method of playing the game.

Note: Facebook has created their games with added features that can only be found on site.

How to install Facebook Games

Facebook Gameroom  has made it possible to play, watch and share games. It is also very important to note that gameroom installation is only available on PC with Windows 7 and above. Below are steps to installing the games:

  • Use the link given to you
  • Click on Free install
  • Click on Download Gameroom
  • You will be required to sign into your Facebook Account to search for the game of your desire.

Categories of Games Available

Facebook has given users the opportunity to pick from series of games under different categories. Listed below are some categories of games;

  • Adventure
  • Education
  • Action
  • Puzzle
  • Sports