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Facebook Customer Service- as awesome as Facebook can be, it has also been seen to have lots and lots of complaints. Never the less, the company has provided a customer care to assist user using the Facebook app.

Majority still find it difficult to sort out problems on their Facebook accounts because they have no idea of the services Facebook can render. Facebook’s mission has always making lives better by giving support, rendering hope and giving people the power of creating connections.

Facebook Customer Service

Today, Facebook as a company has given another interesting feature focused at those who have issues pertaining to their accounts and other things questions attached to it.

 Can I Contact Facebook?

 Unfortunately, there really is no way contact Facebook directly. Users can not call, text or send emails. This is because people may see it as an avenue to deceive users and perform all sorts of unlawful act whereas, Facebook Customer Care help you to lay your complains and report any problem you might have at the moment.

How To Complain To Facebook

  • Log into your account
  • Click on the arrow at the top left of your page
  • A drop menu will appear
  • Tap “Help” and then report your problem
  • There after you can seen feedback or report an issue.

Live chat support is also included in the customer service to have a conversation with them about your current situation.

Note: Facebook does not have a phone number with which you an use to call or send SMS.

How To Recover Disabled Account

Recently a lot of account have been hacked and deactivated, it has left users with the question of how to lay their complains in other to prevent their accounts from getting hacked. Listed below are some steps to recovering your account.

  • Go to the Facebook page
  • Click on forgot pass word
  • Enter your account information [username, email address or phone number]
  • Your profile will appear
  • Click on it and recover options will appear.

How Fast Is Facebook customer care

Facebook Customer Care has made it possible for thousands of people to access their company services all at once. Over the past 11 months, over 1.5 million people have reached put to the customer service which acts as a helping hand users world wide.

Although many people still insist in the company having a phone number or email address. But with the customer help center, all problems pertaining to Facebook can be resolved.

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