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Retail stores that get to partner with Elan financial services , can boast of offering credit card products that can compete with the very best in the industry.

Retail stores can get consumers to be drawn to different types of rewards coupled with the fact that more than half of financial institutions that have been surveyed said that they plan to increase their expenditure on member experience initiatives.

Elan financial services boast of leading consumer and business reward cards that offer competitive cash back options, gift cards, merchandise, and great travel options.

Elan Financial Services

Elan financial service business cards also give mouthwatering rewards for every dollar you get to spent, which goes a long way to help business owners track and manage expenses.

Elan now offers card holders the ability to make secure mobile payments with a compatible Android, Apple or Samsung devices.

Digital Solutions of Elan Financial Services

  • Streamline Check Out

At check out, with mobile purchasing, card holder can use their phone instead of swiping a credit card. When card users hold their phone close to a compatible terminal, they can authorize the transaction with their fingerprint. Signatures may or may not be required.

  • Simple to Setup

It doesn’t matter whether a card user has an Android, Apple or a Samsung device — the setup process is easy. In most cases, the card holder can even add their card with their phone’s camera.

  • Security Smarts

Instead of cardholders sharing their info, with mobile payments, a virtual card number is created on the spot. This virtual number can be used for making purchases — thus, keeping their info safe. Card users can go their phone provider’s website for more info on security.

Product Suites for Consumer Credit Cards by Elan Financial Services

  • Visa platinum card
  • Cash rewards American express cards
  • Visa real rewards card
  • Premier Rewards American Express cards

Product Suites for Business Credit Cards by Elan Financial Services

  • Visa Business Platinum card
  • Visa business cash card
  • Visa business real reward card
  • Visa business plus reward card

Benefits common to business credit cards by Elan Financial Services

  • You get benefits that guarantees a level of peace of mind, such as auto rental collision damage waiver and Zero Fraud Liability and
  • You get to enjoy free employee cards
  • As a business you get to enjoy online reporting tools that provide users with the ability to see their credit card transactions by transaction type, top categories and a defined transactional period month, quarter or year

How to apply for elan financial services

Here are the steps to take in if you want to experience the benefits of a strong Agent Credit Card Program as a business owner.

  • Open up your browser and go to https://www.elanfinancialservices.com/credit-card/contact-us.html
  • Next enter the following details: Fullname, Title, Financial Institution name, Headquarter city and state, business email address, phone number, number of customers
  • Next, provide answers to these questions: “Does your financial institution currently have a credit card program?”, “How did you hear about Elan?”
  • Next you enter your email or phone number and enter how you will like to contacted
  • If you want to you enter any additional questions or comments
  • Finally, you click on submit

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