5 Proven Ways To Earn From Amazon in 2023 With Zero Capital

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Earn From Amazon in 2023 With Zero Capital – With over 200 million people visiting Amazon.com, this e-commerce is undoubtedly the king of e-commerce marketplaces. This is to let you know that Amazon is one the best e-commerce all over the world with the highest number of users.

Aside from this, when it comes to making money online, it doesn’t get much bigger than Amazon. This platform doesn’t sell to its users only but gives individuals the opportunity to explore different ways to generate income.

The best part? You can make a huge amount of money from Amazon without investing a dime. In fact, this platform will let you earn huge figures in your sleep! Read this article to the end to see how you can make money on Amazon in 2023.

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But before then, see why you should earn from Amazon!

Why Should You Choose Amazon?

Amazon is a renowned and the most popular e-commerce website in the world. This platform has over 200 million active users across the globe and it is the go-to destination for online shopping. This implies that Amazon has a massive audience of buyers. So if you are selling on this platform, you have the chance to reach more potential customers than you would on other e-commerce sites.

Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has made over 344 billion US dollars in gross market value in the online marketplace industry worldwide. No other e-commerce has beat this record and made this much money.

With this long history, you would also agree that this platform is a trusted brand and has built a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable reputation as an e-commerce. This means that your target audience will have no doubts about the credibility of the products you sell on Amazon.

No doubt, there are other platforms like Amazon to make passive income but know that Amazon beats all other e-commerce as it is the biggest and the most versatile option. So, whether you are selling on the platform or you are making income from products and services, Amazon gets you covered.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to earn money for amazon, how to make money on amazon for free, or how to earn money from amazon without investment, you are on the right track. This platform will provide you with everything you need to be financially independent.

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How to make money on amazon.com in 2023- 5 Proven Ways

1.     Affiliate Marketing

If you are constantly searching ‘for how to make money on amazon selling other people’s products, Amazon’s Affiliate marketing program is your answer. It is one of the most straightforward ways to make substantial money on amazon. If you are social media savvy and you have a lot of audiences you influence on your page, website or blog, you have to capacity to make enough from Amazon affiliates.

All you need to do is to recommend products on Amazon in a product category to potential audiences in a way that will make them buy almost immediately. Once the audience converts, follows the affiliate link you made available, and finally made a purchase, you will earn a certain amount of money as a commission from Amazon.

Typically, you earn as much as 4% to 10% from a product purchase. In all, the Amazon affiliate program is easy, convenient, and highly lucrative. You can give it a try.


  • Easy to start and maintain.
  • Requires just an active online presence to begin generating income.

2.   Amazon Merch

Quite a number of people frequently ask how to make money on amazon merch. Making money on merch is very easy and profitable as well. Therefore, making Amazon Merch might be the perfect source of income for you if you are an artist or a designer. Even if you are not a design expert, you will be able to get access to several design templates that make money on this platform.

On Amazon, you can sell nice customized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and a lot of other kinds of stuff that will feature your designs. One amazing thing about Amazon is that you are not have to pay any amount to sell your merchandise on this amazing platform. Amazon will bear the cost of printing, shipping, and packaging.

To get started, just create your account on amazon merch, upload your design, and price, and write or draw your description on it. Additionally, you get a royalty on all the designs you sell and you earn based on the number of your designs that get sold.


  • You get to upload your original designs.
  • Amazon covers all the costs of production.
  • You will be able to sell and upload products on Amazon for free.

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3.    Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

If you love writing and you are looking forward to earning a living, Amazon has presented you with one of the best ways to make huge figures. Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you will be able to get your work published on Amazon.

For every kindle book you publish on Amazon, you’ll get 70% of royalties on overall sales of the books. The interesting thing is that you are not limited to digital books only, you can also have your e-books printed in hard copies.


  • If you are a prolific writer, you have the potential for a very high income.
  • You can have your books both in hard and digital copies.

4.     Render Services

Selling Amazon products is not the only way to make money on Amazon. If you have a service to offer, you can make good money by rendering your skills on Amazon. Whether you are a prolific writer or a tutor, Amazon will connect you with your target audience.

With this platform. You won’t have to pay for marketing, adverts or a start-up free. There is also no monthly subscription required. All that you need is general liability insurance and a clear business background check.


  • Use your skills to earn on Amazon.
  • Your services will be available on Amazon without the hassles of a website or advertisement.
  • You will only pay Amazon if you make money.

5.    Amazon Influencing

 Amazon also has a unique program for its users to make money which is Amazon influencing. Amazon influencers are individuals who have an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With this program, you will be able to earn passive income by influencing your audience to buy and purchase Amazon products.

For every product you sell, you will get a certain commission from the platform. To become an Amazon influencer, you will have to join the Amazon influencer community, Once your application has been accepted, you will be given a special URL to use on your social media profiles to recommend Amazon products to your audience. Whenever the link is clicked on and a purchase is made, you will earn a referral fee on that sale.


  • Requires only active social media presence to earn an income.
  • Unique storefront with a customized Amazon URL.
  • As long as you maintain your activeness on social media, you’ll continue to earn a passive income.


When it comes to making money in 2023, Amazon is one of the most reliable platforms that house millions of customers, to earn from. This platform offers you everything you need to be financially independent,

By following the tips above, you will be able to get ideas on what to venture on to be successful. However, hard work means more work! As long as you can come out of your comfort zone and put in the effort that is required, your long time financial goals are only a stone’s throw.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money out of Amazon?

You can make money on Amazon by venturing into any of the career paths highlighted above.

What products make the most money on Amazon?

Jewellery, clothing, books, and baby goods are part of the most profitable product categories on Amazon.

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