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Ways To Make Money While Pregnant – “How will I financially support another human if I am still struggling to support myself, how will I earn more money while never having to stress this little human in me?” If you’re asking yourself these questions right now, this article is a must-read!

These and many more are questions that many women face as they prepare for their new baby to arrive. There is nothing quite like being pregnant and needing money fast. Are there any jobs you can do to make money while pregnant?

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There are so many legitimate ways to make money when you are pregnant. Below are 15 proven ways you can make money while you are pregnant:

1.              Freelancing

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers a service in exchange for certain payments. Freelancers often work with different clients at one time–often small business owners. This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women for three reasons:

●       You have more control and flexibility both during pregnancy and after your baby is finally born.

●       You have the best odds of making legitimate money from freelance work.

●       It is the fastest way to make real money online.

2.    Virtual Assistant

If you are a lover of office work, there is no shame in that. In fact, your skills are in demand–virtually! With the huge growth of online business, there is also an explosion in the quest for Virtual Assistants. Some virtual assistants check emails, offer customer service, edit videos, proofread copies, and design graphics.

3.    Freelance Writer

You know that blogs need to keep putting up fresh content for the world to keep people engaged. But it can be hard to come up with ideas all the time. So, as a  freelance writer, you could write blog posts in exchange for money.

4.    Proofreader or Editor

If you cannot help but correct the grammar errors and typos you see around you, then you might need to be a Proofreader or Editor. You can turn that skill into a money-making skill you can do on your schedule. Several people will be eager to pay for your eagle eyes.

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5.    Social Media Manager

With the surging popularity of social media, everyone; both small and big companies now rely on someone to help manage and heighten their social presence. Social Media Management is a prominent way virtual assistants earn money.

6.     Photographer

Do you have a passion for taking pictures? Well, you can get paid for it! Amazed? People love pictures. From pregnancy photos to newborn shots, high school pictures to wedding pictures. It seems like people are now hiring photographers every few months to capture the perfect photo.

So if you have the skills to take amazing pictures, working as a freelance photographer is a job you could start while pregnant and continue for years even after your baby is born.

7.    Blogger

If you love to write, want to work for yourself, and understand that it is not going to be fast money, then you can dive into blogging.

While blogs used to be only online diaries, they are now used as a marketing tool for businesses and can even be a business in itself. If you start a blog at the beginning of your pregnancy, you could start to earn money by the time your baby is here.

8.   Coach

Also, you could be a coach for anything you are passionate about and turn it into a way to consistently make more money while pregnant.

If you are a good listener and people usually come to you for advice, then maybe becoming a parent coach, life coach, fitness coach, or health coach would be a good job for you.

9.    Author

You can decide to write a book and publish it on Amazon to make additional money, even while you are pregnant!

10. Transcriber

A person who turns audio files into text is referred to as a  Transcriptionist. This would be good for a pregnant woman who has a quiet place to work and is skilled at listening carefully and can type fast.

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11. Professional Organizer

Do you have that pantry that is always perfectly organized? Or a neatly labelled craft room? Are you always getting compliments on how organized and tidy your things look? If yes, you can start a side hustle as a Professional Organizer.

People will happily pay you to organize their chaos. Grab your baskets, label maker, and bins and help someone organize their life–and get paid while at it. Start by asking those you know personally or professionally to see if anyone is interested in your service and what they will be willing to pay. This will help you earn money as a pregnant woman

12. Customer Service Representative

If you love to talk on the phone and help people, you can work from home as a Call Center Representative. It won’t stress you. All you need to do is receive calls and speak with people.

13. Brand Ambassador

If you have a friendly or outgoing personality, you can earn huge money as a Brand Ambassador. Numerous legitimate postings for flexible jobs like this would be great for anyone unemployed. Take your time to read about how to get started as a brand ambassador, what to expect, and where to find these jobs. You may have to spend a reasonable amount of time on your feet. However, this should not be a problem for you until the very end of pregnancy.

14. Translator

If you are bi-lingual, you can put your knowledge to work and become an online translator. This job pays generously and allows you to work from the comfort of your home while exercising your skills and helping people around the world!

15. Babysit

If you are about to have your first baby, you may want to practice being around kids. Babysitting pays well and is so flexible. Unless you commit to one family regularly, you can choose how many jobs you will accept. See these tips for getting asked to return.

Always leave the house cleaner than you found it, and be loving but firm with the children. Also, be creative, look the parents in the eyes, and have fun. Remember that you are always interviewing for your next job. If you leave a good impression, they may recommend you to their friends.

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There is a surplus of side gigs out there, if you do a little bit of research, you will find one that suits your interests. The benefit of most of these jobs is that you are your boss and control where, when, and how much you work. Do not be afraid to try out something new!

Work smart and earn more income by investing your time and skills into a clever job. You might be surprised at how providing for your growing family can be fun and interesting. Lastly, congratulations as you await your new baby!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What temporary job can I do while pregnant and unemployed?

You can function as an online moderator. This is another stress-free job for pregnant women to do at home. Online moderators or “Mods” as abbreviations, manage and monitor social media accounts, online chatrooms, message boards, and other platforms.

They help to keep the peace by eliminating anything that infringes the rules and by enforcing the policies and community guidelines. This job is perfect for pregnant moms who may be introverts because you will never have to talk with angry people.

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