Walmart online shopping is a platform that will help you do your shopping from anywhere online with easy that also will save you the stress of traffic and going to the Walmart store.

Walmart online shopping has its step that will help you get all your needs at your doorstep. Walmart works with Google devices that will allow you create a shopping list and make your order from the Walmart apps that’s downloaded on your device. This are some step needed for you to enable the process, and what’s designed to do best.

Download Walmart apps on your Device?

First, you will have to download the Walmart grocery app on your Google device. Create or register for a Walmart account, then you have to link your Google assistant to your Walmart account. Through the Google assistant, Walmart grocery is the app that will provide you updates about your orders so to enable you get all necessary alerts you need to get your delivery at your doorstep.

Create grocery list on walmart online app?

Walmart grocery and Google assistant work together once you set up the Walmart grocery account. That mean you don’t need any further setup with the assistant device you prefer to use.

 It will interest you to know that starting by saying command word that will help you make your chart list by make “Hey Google, talk to Walmart “the assistant is now alert and waiting for you to create your list. It will be easy for you to make command by add all your needs to your cart. Example like add milk to my chart or adding shoes to my chart.

If it your first time dealing with the Walmart online shopping it will difficult but this article will help you get it done. The ordering feature only work with groceries so don’t try to order anything but foodstuffs this way. Then it will be easy to add items one at a time simply by saying “Hey Google, talk to Walmart” to add more foodstuff to your chart. The assistant will then give specific option to buy if available.

Google assistant will then list specific brand and type of product on list and give you costs of every order made.

How to check to complete your order on Walmart online shopping?

If you have made your order and your list complete, head back to the Walmart grocery app, then you will be able to see all your grocery items that you collected, you can also visit your Walmart account through website if this ends up being easier.

You can review your items or list to make sure that they are accurate, especially if you are first timer using the Walmart grocery online shopping looking for a specific brand or foodstuff and make any necessary changes. You can choose a delivery or pickup option, and note any fee involved so you know if extra cost will be pay. When ready, complete the purchase and make payment.

How to teach assistant on favorites on Walmart online shopping?

Walmart online shopping meant that the app is open to every order you made through your account and what you prefer Ordering through Walmart comes with learning functionality. It’s completely helpful if you think it’s just a creepy and annoying stuff. Its quickly re-order the same brands and foodstuff when Walmart grocery access your past preferences.

The app will help remember it and you can just say it and the order will be add into your chart. This give you a better platform to be as specific as possible when ordering new products with voice commands shopping through the Walmart grocery.