TRIO® Credit Card – Benefits – Application Requirements

Earn decent cashback with no annual fee with the TRIO® credit card. Issued by Fifth Third Bank, this card comes with bonus rewards on some of the most common spending categories even though with spending caps. Also in its portfolio, there’s a signup bonus and a break on interest for balance transfers.

The TRIO credit card cashback rate is 1%. However, you get 3% cash back at restaurants and 2% cashback at gas stations, grocery stores, and drugstores on up to $1,500 per quarter in combined spending in those categories. Note, however, that spending in those categories above the cap earns 1%.

TRIO® Credit Card

When it comes to the signup bonus, according to Fifth Third Bank, you earn a new account bonus worth $100! Earn 10,000 bonus points which can be redeemed for $100 cashback, by simply spending $1,000 within 90 days of opening your account. Now these rewards on the card, are offered as points – Real Life Rewards. This has a value of, 1 cent apiece when redeemed for cashback. The other redemption options are – merchandise, loan and mortgage credit, travel, and other experiences.

TRIO® Credit Card

For the new cardholders category, there’s a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for their first 12 billing cycles after opening an account. Thereafter the ongoing APR of 15.49% – 24.49% variable APR. This comes in handy if you have high-interest debt you’d like to pay down. However, there’s a balance transfer fee of 4% of the amount of each transfer ($5 minimum). Another plus is that this card has no foreign transaction fees, and this can help you make transactions overseas.

TRIO® Credit Card Benefits

Earn cashback and redeem same towards other experiences with the TRIO credit card:

•          Use your card and earn a 2% cashback on gas and at drug and grocery stores ($1,500 combined spend each quarter).

•          Earn a 3% cashback at restaurants

•          Take advantage of the 10,000 bonus points (worth $100) after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days.

•          Relax and enjoy a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 12 billing cycles without an annual fee.

TRIO Credit Card Application Requirements

•          To apply you have to be at least 18yrs and above

•          Applicant would have to be a resident or citizen of united state

TRIO Credit Card Application

There are three ways with which you can apply for the TRIO credit card:

•          You can apply by finding a branch.

•          By calling the number on the card website to apply.

To apply for a TRIO credit card online:

•          Go to the Fifth Third Bank website and look for the TRIO credit card from the list of cards.

•          Hit on the “Apply Now” option.

•          Input in your details.

•          Read through and submit your application.

TRIO Credit Card Application Status

Because of the automated pre-approval, you are likely to get a decision within a minute. If you need more information, Fifth Third Bank will send you an answer within 30 days. After you have been approved, you should receive your card in the mail within 7 – 10 business days.

TRIO Credit Card Login

To log into your credit card account:

•          Scroll to the Fifth Third Bank secure website

•          Hit on the “Log-In” option

•          Type in your User ID and Password

•          Hit on the “Log-In” option.

User ID? Recovery

•          Enter the official site of the fifth third bank

•       Select the login option

•          Navigate to the “Forgot User ID” option

•          Enter your last name, social security number, zip code, and account or card number in the space provided

•          Then tap on the “Next” link.

Forgot Password

•          Open the official website of the fifth third bank.

•          Hit on the login option

•          Navigate to the “Forgot Password” option

•          Type in your User ID, social security number, and account or card number.

•          Press on the “Next” link.

TRIO Credit Card Customer Service

Go to the TRIO credit card official and secure website to get the number you can use in contacting the card’s customer care team for more inquiries.

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