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Download Zelle app for smartphone – is fast, easy safe and reliable for sending money running through ATM, mailing or check deposit.  Through zelle you can safe, send and receive money from your love ones with easy through your online banking, mobile baking app or zelle app if your bank don’t currently offer zelle.

Zelle app is  fast method sending and receiving money from lover, family, friends and other people that’s reliable and trusted. And it give you access to to send money to eligible U S based bank account  by the use of email address or us mobile number. Zelle can be find in all US Banks and it’s easy to use

Zelle is transaction platform that enable your send money to family, lover and friends easy and it’s cost effective. Zelle have partnership with credit union and leading banks across United States. Your money moves from bank account to bank account without holding account to cash out.

Download The Zelle App | How To Sign Up Zelle App For Smartphone

Zelle app is very easy and fast to get on you smartphone. Using the app store or google play store to download the zelle app on your smarthphone.

  • Register your phone number, enroll your email and visa or mastercard debit card through the online mobile banking app or with zelle app.
  • Pick a person to make payment. Enter the preferred email address or United States mobile number of recipient. You can send or request money from friend’s right from your contact in your smartphone.
  • Enter the amount to send. Choose the amount. Hit review to enable have chance to confirm the amount you have sent. The money will go directly into their bank account in minutes. If you are not enrolled yet a notification sent explaining how to receive the money simply and faster.

Method To Send | Receive Money Through Download Zelle App

To enable you receive money through zelle app you must setup an email address or U.S mobile number with zelle in wells Fargo online. You must provide the email address or mobile number to the sender. Whether through wells fargo, another zelle participating financial institution, or the separate zelle mobile app.

Step On How You Can Send Money

  • Open your zelle app and click on send money : sign up to your online banking app and go to send money with zelle which is located transfer and pay in the menu
  • Select or add recipient: you must select the “+” icon at the right concern to allow you add recipient.
  • Enter amount, select funding account: the amount you want to send and select an account to send your payment.
  •  Review and send: you should be careful when reviewing the details of your payment before sending it. If you’re a first timer an access code will be send to you to help verify your identity. After sending your payment a confirmation notify will show on your screen with the details of payment.
  • Notification of recipient: the receiver will get a notification text or message of the payment and instruction how to receive the money
  • Recipients must register: the recipient must enroll with zelle account to receive money send to his/her details. It take (14) fourteen days to complete their one time registration using the same mobile number and email use in receiving the money. And if the recipient don’t register zelle account with (14) days the money will be return back to the sender. However some payment can take up to 2 working days depending on who you’re sending to and the amount you’re sending.

 Protection To Zelle account | Download Zelle Account Secure

However when cash and checks are being exchanged, you don’t have same protection associated with your credit or debit card transaction as the ability to dispute purchase transactions. Once you send cash with zelle you can’t cancel the payment if it have already be in process.

Online security guarantee cover zelle transactions. To be guarantee, you must follow your responsibilities under the terms of our online security guarantee.

Zelle App Payment Can It Be Cancel | Wells Fargo Zelle Recipient Never Receive Sender Payment

If payment status is pending, you may cancel the transaction or transfer by going to zelle activity but once it’s in process, sorry you can’t canceled the transaction because it not protected as credit or debit card transaction. If the recipient don’t register zelle account with (14) days the money will be return back to the sender. Payment can take up to 2 working days for the recipient receive the cash once registration is completed. Payments may be delayed or blocked for your protection.

For further information contact wells fargo online customer service +1-800 -956- 4442 and service is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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