Sologenic Airdrop Claim – Sologenic Airdrop Update

Sologenic Airdrop, is the first major game released for RTS space sims. It’s developed by Kallon Games and it looks like there are some serious tweaks to gameplay improvements with regards to time travel, planetary invasions, etc, however nothing definitive about other content currently available in the main modding package yet.

Sologenic Airdrop Claim

Sologenic airdrop is the first major game released for the space RTS and it’s been developed by Kallon Games. This game is set in the future of Earth, and you’ll have to take control of one of the factions and lead them to victory over your enemies.

The world has been in crisis ever since science breakthroughs generated chaos among human governments by allowing people to travel to Earth’s past. The Sologenic Empire will be able to use this to conquer the world after they’ve taken back their technology from rebels that took it during a war, while they were distracted in their conquests throughout the galaxy.

This is yet another great example of the bitcoin community working together to innovate services in the face of traditional solutions. Are you ready to buy your food with bitcoin? Want to read more like this?

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Sologenic Airdrop – Satoshi Food Delivery Service Delivery Of Kitty Litter To End Users

Sologenic is a new food delivery app allowing users to pay in satoshis only. It allows users to have cat litter, vegetable oil, and other products delivered with the less than ten percent commission typically charged by traditional food delivery companies.

This solution is based on a large network of trusted local delivery men who trust users, verify their identity and ensure the deliveries are made safe, while at the same time letting the customer pay with a secure and easy-to-use app.

This unique situation allows users to build relationships with their local delivery men and benefit from regular deliveries. This app is easy to use and integrates all the possibilities of personalized home delivery with all the reliability of an established company.

Its intuitive navigation provides access to the user’s favorite categories and menus without having to navigate through menus that do not immediately relate to the user’s current needs.

Sologenic Airdrop allows users to share menu options with friends and make reservations right on the app. The app also provides shopping lists and access to many local providers, like supermarkets and restaurants, as well as services such as property rentals.

Who is Eligible to receive SOLO tokens Airdrop?

Only one token goes to anyone and he or she may be eligible to use the token. If you are a US resident and you are a beneficiary of the SALT program, you may register at and use the tokens at any time.

One token per eligible US resident may be traded there once a week for 10 days. You must allow up to one day for each token to be used for future token use in the SALT system.


Compared to the usual food delivery service, which can be unreliable, wasteful, and difficult to track, Sologenic airdrop is significantly more reliable and efficient. This solution is available for all users, on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Users can also create their own partnerships with local providers or businesses. There is no charge for registering an account or setting up a food delivery profile.

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