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Mir4 nft – Nft games have been increasing over the last months, NFT games like axie infinity and crypto kitties are taking over the market. Recently mir4 nft the blockchain multiplayer online role-playing game has received so many negative reviews by valve on steam.

However, the negative reviews fueled the NFT with 200% jump in the first 24hours of going live. In this mir4 article I will be discussing the following subtopics, mir4 nft review, mir4 nft game, mir4 nft apk, mir4 nft download, mir4 nft token, mir4 how to earn, mir4 play to earn download PC.

Mir4 Nft Review

Mir4 Nft Review

For those who don’t know the mir4, mir4 is a blockchain game by we made co-limited from South Korea, and it was launched on Aug 26.

Mir4 has surpassed the expectations of its players in the recent launch of the game, according to PCGamesn moat of the mir4 nft players to be stuck is the fact players have the ability to earn through the crypto tokens in game.

The players will need to keep up with the performance till they reach level 40 and start collecting Draco, the digital token. The value of the dracos drop to $2 from its former value of $6.25 in just two days. Despite the critical review the game received on mobile and steam, mir4 surged to popularity chart.

Mir4 Nft Game

Developed by WeMade co limited from south Korea. The Mir4 only supports over 12 languages available in over 170 countries around the world. According to the game developers, the NFT MMORPG provides lots of customization. It also allows players to look for free.

Mir4 Nft Apk

To enjoy a smooth experience, it is better to download the mir4 nft app on your device. Keep reading to know how to download the mir4 nft game on your device

Mir4 Nft Download

To download the Mir3 nft on your mobile device follow the steps below:

  • Search for the app on your web browser
  • Allow third party installation, got to menu> settings> security> unknown source allow unknown source
  • Access your file manager, install mir4 nft on your device
  • Enjoy

Mir4 Nft Token

Mir4 players can mine for tokens as they play, these tokens in turn can be exchanged for dollars to spend in the real world, super cool.

Mir4 How To Earn

Follow the steps below to mir4 how to earn:

  • Install mira4 on your device and play
  • Reach character level 40
  • Acquire 100,000+ dark steel by performing quest and mining .
  • Access the NPC named metal craft an in game or simply click menu>market>draco
  • Access your remix wallet on the popup
  • Smelt dark steel into draco, requires 1000 dark steel fee
  • Receive a successful transaction mail.

Mir4 Play To Earn Download Pc

To play and earn Mir4 on PC follow the steps below:

  • Download MEmu installer and finish the setup
  • MIR4 PC2. Start MEmu then open Google Play on the desktop
  • Search MIR4 in Google Play
  • Download and Install MIR4
  • On install completion click the icon to start
  • Enjoy playing MIR4 on PC with MEm

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