Lovesac Credit Card Application

Lovesac Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. It is a card with good financing options, user benefits, credit rewards, no annual fee charged, and for purchasing at Lovesac stores.

If you are looking for a card with good financing options with no annual hassles then you should consider this card. It is a good card option for those who need financing options for their purchases and for earning rewards. Cardholders get special offers all through the year and the card is globally accepted.

To successfully apply for and get approved for this card, you must be a citizen of the United States.

Lovesac Credit Card

Lovesac Credit Card

Whilst using the lovesac credit card, it gives you access and comfort to do your transaction online. You also have a secure socket layer encryption with your card, and also fraud liability which means that all your transactions are safe. Cardholders can make use of their cards at tons of retailers across the United States.

Lovesac Credit Card Benefits

There’s so much you can do and earn with your Lovesac credit card:

  • Cardholders get special offers all year through
  • No need to bother about the annual fee, cos there’s none
  • There are secure online account management and bill payment.
  •  Enjoy 24 months of promotional financing. There’s no interest if paid in full within 24 months.
  • Charges no interest for purchases on the first day of the card usage.

Lovesac Credit Card Application

Before you apply for the card, let’s see how and what you need to qualify:

Application Criteria

  • All persons applying for the credit card must be at least 18yrs and above
  • Must have a social security number (SSN)
  • It is expected that an applicant must a resident of the U.S.
  • Should have a government issued photo ID
  • A clear credit record is needed.

How to Apply

You can either apply online or in a showroom for the credit card:

  • Scroll to the Synchrony Financial homepage
  • Kindly fill in all necessary information required (first names, last name, address, date of birth etc. )
  • Pick one at of the options for your billing statement; Electronic Statements OR Paper Statements
  • Go through the Synchrony Bank rate and fee table
  • Consent to the Terms and Conditions of the credit card
  • After filling the information’s correctly click on the summit option to summit your details

How to Check Your Lovesac Credit Card Application Status

Kindly log in to your account to check your application status

Lovesac Credit Card Activation

Activate your credit card, by visiting the card website and calling with the number displayed on the site.

Lovesac Credit Card Login

To login to your credit card account;

  • Enter the login page of Synchrony Bank card services
  • Key in your User ID
  • Key in your Password
  • Use the secure login link

Lovesac Credit Card User ID or Password Recovery

You’ll need your User ID and Password if you want to have access to your card account. This is how to recover both if you have forgotten them:

User ID

  • Scroll to the login page
  • Enter the “Find User ID” at the top of the login button
  • Put in your credit card number and zip code on the page you will be redirected to
  • Tap on the “Find User ID” link to recover your User ID.


  • Scroll to Synchrony Bank login page
  • Choose the “ Reset password” link
  • On the new page, you are directed to, key in a User ID
  • Enter a zip code
  • A mail will be sent to your email, kindly check to see how to reset your password
  • After changing your password another email would be sent to your email confirming that you just changed your password.

How to Make Lovesac Credit Card Bill Payment

Your payment can be mailed to the mailing address displayed on the card’s secure website. Before you mail your check, it is best to call the customer service team for reconfirmation.

Lovesac Credit Card Customer Service Number

Cardholders who want to contact the Lovesac credit card customer service team can do so by visiting the official website of the card issuer for general information and inquiries.

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