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Are you one those persons looking for how to make money online and because of the rate of fraudulent activity going on online you are scared and probably don’t trust any of the online making money platform then permit me to say that your ideology is wrong because there are still genuine ways of making money online.

We shall be discussing one of the way/platform to make cool money online from the comfort of your home which is using the Facebook platform.

How to make money on Facebook

It doesn’t sound possible right?, because we have all limited ourselves to the norms of Facebook which is posting of pictures, liking posts, commenting and joining groups.

Now that you have come to this article, you would learn how to make use of your Facebook very well to make money and not just for the fun of it.

A lot of persons has grabbed this opportunity long ego since they got the information about how to make money using Facebook and trust me it has been working just fine for them.

Here are list of things to do to make money using your Facebook account.

The following are different activities you can engage in on Facebook to make money for yourself.

  • You can sell items on Facebook using the Facebook market place as your point of contact with your customers. With the large number of users on Facebook, you should be able to win people to your side with a good and quality business strategy.
  • Affiliating Marketing.  You can stand as a middle man to different companies online, where by you apply as an affiliate in the company and you help distribute their links on your Facebook platform. For every click gotten from that shared link, you get paid.
  • Sell likes and shares.  If it happens that you have a very active page on account or page with lots of impressions, then you have you money starring at you. There are companies who are looking for influential and trust worthy Facebook account or page to buy likes and shares from.
  • Social media influencer; this is one great opportunity for all my big Facebook users with large number of followers, if you fall in this category and your Facebook page is very active, there are companies look for to got help them advertise their product. Grab this opportunity now and start making money from the comfort of your home.

Just to mention a few here, there are other ways you can make money from Facebook. Don’t waste the resources in your palm now, make use of this awesome avenue to make money.

Note; this is not a get-rich scheme, for every activity on Facebook requires time to build up which would help you last longer making money.

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