Forsage BNB Review – Is Forsage BNB Legit Or Scam? find out

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Forsage BNB Review – Forsage is an international community and worldwide decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by the revolutionary smart contract technology built on Ethereum and from

Forsage is 100% decentralized and is built on the binance smart chain cryptocurrency, forsage BNB is the latest of the forsage smart contract platform that is a peer to peer.

In this forsage BNB article I will be talking about is forage legit?, is it safe BNB scam?, forsgae BNB registration, How to buy BNB, and more.

Forsage BNB Review

What Is A Smart Contract?

Smart contract is a self-enforcement agreement written into few lines of code between a buyer and a seller, these codes exist across a distributed and decentralized blockchain network.

A smart contract can not be changed or hacked once it is deployed there is no need for central authority with smart contracts.

What is BNB?

BNB is Binance cryptocurrency that is used for trading and paying fees on Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency excellent in the world as of January 2018, it facilitates over 1.4million transaction per second.

What is Forsage BNB

Forsage BNB is a worldwide decentralized marketing ecosystem powered by the revolutionary smart contract technology built on ethereum and TRON.

Forsage BNB is the latest peer-to-peer 100%  decentralized and is built on the Binance smart chain cryptocurrency. There is no administrator on forsage BNB and all transactions from wallet to wallet, this means that the system can not be tampered with.

Features of Forsage BNB Smart Contract

Forsage BNB is in three parts:

  • The forsage BNB xGold (0.1BNB) optional
  • Forsage X3 and X4(0.05BNB)
  • Forsage XXX(0.05BNB)

The Forsage BNB xxx and xGold

All you have to do to earn in this section is to have an active team, to get the full benefits of the Forsage BNB. The Forsage BNB xxx is known to have a global matrix earnings come from anywhere in the matrix.

Forsage BNB X3 & X4

With the forsage BNB X3, you earn when you refer, while the Forsage BNB X4 is a team matrix which means you earn from referrals, spillovers, and earnings from your upline and overflows.

How to Buy BNB for Registration on Forsage BNB

These are three simple ways to get it:

Trust wallet

You can buy with this decentralized wallet from Binance exchange mobile using your master card/visa card or apple pay for iPhone users.

Token pocket

Token pocket is very easy to use and it supports a lot of blockchains including BSC. The wallet lets you transfer, trade, conversion, asset management, DApp store.

If you already have Tron or Ethereum on your wallet you can swap it to BNB

  • Access the market and tap on the token swap section
  • Select the crypto you want to swap
  • Select BNB on the other aide
  • Input amount
  • Select receiving address
  • Proceed to swap

If you already have an Account on Binance you buy BNB on the exchange.

Is forage BNB legit?

Forsage BNB is a decentralized system built on BNB blockchain. Therefore forsage BNB can not be hacked, changed, and forage BNB is not controlled by one person. The system does store member funds, all payments are sent to wallet hence nobody will disappear with your money.

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