eBay is a marketplace where you can shop and auction site where businesses take place a broad variety of goods services worldwide. Today it’s one of the multi-billion platform marketplace business is operates over 30 countries.

eBay marketplace is e-commerce that connects business people around the world with one platform to assist buyers and sellers in achieving their aim rent, buy, swap and negotiate. Allow e-commerce to access transactions electronically on the internet. Which uses an e-commerce platform to run those transactions. So yes, eBay does use an e-commerce platform.

eBay to help promote business owners or to help put up their goods for sale. It gives the user the platform to enable buy what they want. So it’s very important to note what the item is listed as on eBay. It moved beyond a person-to-person auction site to become a formidable marketplace and mobile payment platform.

How to Sell on eBay Marketplace

They are of few steps on that which are as follow and you must sign up eBay account to enable you to gain access to sell.

Is selling on eBay worth the hassle? Yes. Successful eBay businesses started small and generated a steady income flow to replace their full-time jobs. Selling goods on eBay generate more income steam and help you de-clutter your home. 

  • On the top of the eBay, page select sell or sell your item.
  • For the item that you wish to sell, you can create a listing for them.
  • Add an automatic payment system for any eBay fee and confirm your details.

You can be asked to confirm your identity to keep your account secure by providing a credit card or cell phone number.

How To Request For Refund On eBay Marketplace

  • if you have gotten the item or you want to return it or if it has not arrived you must let the seller know you have problem
  • it takes three business days to rectify a buyer’s complaints so try and sort issues with the seller
  • if the seller can’t resolve your problem contact the eBay to intervene

What Can’t Be Sell On eBay Marketplace

This platform doesn’t access the selling of some products. Based on some countries some that products or things that have been prohibited. On the eBay selling platform include the followings.

  • Livestock
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Child pornography
  • Used clothes
  • Weed
  • Gift cards
  • Drugs
  • Tobacco

Step On How To Sell On eBay Marketplace

. It is best for you to know or verify the authenticity of what you are about to sell before you upload it for sale a lot in business so as selling on eBay.

You should also know what you can’t sell. So you need to know all those prohibited products before you can upload your items for sale, a lot of things that have been prohibited on eBay that cannot be sold.

  • Don’t advertise things you are anticipating to sell reduce risk by selling what you already have available
  • Make use of your time when posting items don’t waste time post one product. Snap important and necessary place for upload
  • Post what’s trending at a particular time for what your consumers’ needs
  • Think about the shipping and storage logistics
  • know how quick you can move your inventory and how long you can wait

How to Create an eBay Marketplace Account?

To start with you will have set up an account on ebay to enable you sell your products. These are the step to create the account on ebay

  • Login on eBay site www.ebay.com as the official URL
  • Register for either personal or business account on the registration page
  • Fill in your details and click on register afterward
  • Get started once you have registered