Bloktopia Token Review | Is Blok A Good Investment? | Bloktopia Tokenomics

Bloktopia Token Review – Bloktopia is a decentralized token, built and backed by the metaverse, bloktopia will provide an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community, bringing users together with all-in-one immersive and engaging environment.

Bloktopia Token Review

About Bloktopia

According to Bloktopia official, Bloktopia is a skyscraper made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million bitcoin. Token holders will be known as Bloktopians. It will act as a central hub and welcome all levels of crypto experience.

For the first time ever, users will have access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place. Bloktopians will be able to earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, play games, build networks, and much more. By using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D Creation Engine, Bloktopia will leverage this technology to create stunning visualizations and user experience.’

Principles: What are the activities of Blocktopia

Below are the Outlined Principles of Blocktopia:

  • Play: Bloktopia will enable the play to earn model. Bloktopia investors will be able to play games, network with other games, and entertain friends through the world of VR.
  • Create: Creators will have the ability to create worlds, scenes, artworks, challenge, colorful environment, social gaming using building tools and apps.
  • Learn: Blocktopia is providing crypto information to all users. They are building a platform for crypto readers to find all the info related to cryptocurrencies in one place. It is not really how they are doing it, we are yet find out.
  • Earn: Post IDO, Blocktopia real estate will go live, and Bloktopians will have access to buy, sell, trade real estate and land. Users will also be able to make passive income through staking and advertising.

Bloktopia Token Review: An Ever-changing Reality On the Blok

Zion Market research reported that, ‘the global augmented and virtual reality market was valued at around USD $26.7 billion and is expected to reach approximately $814.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 63% between 2019 and 2025.

Bloktopia’s vast user base will allow monetization through advertising and sponsorship providing an opportunity to share in revenue generation via an NFT mechanism.’

Blok Token

Blok token is seen as the native currency that powers the entire Bloktopia ecosystem with which will be used to purchase virtual assets in the Bloktopia meta world.

Bloktopians (i.e users of bloktopia) will be able to buy and sell BLOK through the decentralized and centralized exchange. Blok will also be required to purchase items from within Bloktopia for example: upgrading real estate space or purchasing items from within the marketplace. Blok is seen as blok valuable and necessary for the ecosystem to operate.

Is Blok A Good Investment?

“Is Blok a good investment?” is the major question that has been proliferating the crypto community, however, there must be some metrics to put into consideration before concluding that is a promising and good investment.

Consideration with the partnership of Erland blockchain, Metahero, being the anchor tenant on the Bloktopia space, and Animoca brand’s investment in the project, Bloktopia is seen as one of the top rated metaverse projects thus also influencing the rate of BLOK token.

Below are outlined reasons why Blok is considered as a good investment:

  • Blok Pad: The developers at bloktopia are developing a launchpad where the crypto project will initiate their IDO and also a new metaverse project could launch with which will also serve as a utility for Blok token.
  • Nft Marketplace: The Blocktopia skyscraper will be made up of piece of real estate that can be bought and governed by Blok token owners.

Bloktopia Tokenomics

Here’s a short summary of the tokenomics:

  • Token Name: $BLOK
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000,000 (19%)
  • Initial Market Capitalization: $500,000
  • Total Tokens: 38,000,000,000
  • Total Raise: $4,900,000

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