Blaze credit card – Apply For Blaze Credit Card

The Blaze credit card is being issued by the First Savings Bank. This Credit Card provides a great opportunity for both new and old customers to build a strong credit history. Cardholders receive the benefit of exceptional reliability and convenience from one of the world’s leading payment brands.

It is a secured credit card. Secured means that it requires a deposit that is held as collateral for your credit card account.

The blaze credit card can be used virtually anywhere. You will need to provide a monthly payment to aid build and improve your card.

Blaze credit card

This credit card is convenient and easy-to-use when you’re making everyday purchases, dining out, or shopping online. The card comes with loads of benefits to its users.

Benefits of the Blaze Credit Card

This card comes with the following fees:

  • Annual percentage rate (APR) up to 25%.
  • No minimum interest charge.
  • You receive cash advancement up to 2% of each cash advance.
  • The penalty fee for late and returned payment goes up to $25.
  • Rewards are given to cardholders on a regular basis.

How to Apply For Blaze Credit Card

How to check the Status of your Blaze Credit Card Application

Return to the website and check the number to use. You may get a mail to get you notified on your status. You can also log into First Savings Bank to check your application status.

How to Login.

  • On your browser visit
  • Click “Account Login”.
  • Fill out your username and password.
  • Finally, click “Log In”.

You can also get to sign up for new users. You just have to click on the Register New User, enter the needed info, and get registered.

How to Register/Activate Blaze Credit Card

For a better and more explanatory way on the Blaze Credit Card registration process, take this steps to get registered.

  • On your browser go to the site
  • Click “Account Login”.
  • Click “Register New User”.
  • Enter your country zip/postal code and credit card account number.
  • Select an identification type, and enter the last four digits of your I.D card.
  • Finally, click “Register Now”.

Your account will get activated and ready to be used.

How to pay using the Credit Card

You can only pay your credit by paying it to the First Savings Bank. You can reach out to the bank or contact their customer care service agent on their website to get more info on the payment method.

How to contact Blaze Customer Care

The Blaze Credit Card customer care can be accessed through their website. On your browser, just have to go to this site Scroll down and click “customer care center”.

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