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Best Site To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria – There are several reasons to invest in bitcoin coins in Nigeria. May you want to use it to evade the naira inflation or you want to use it as a long-term investment, or you are looking to make a profit from it.

Before you can purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria you will need to have a bitcoin wallet which is similar to a bank account, with a Bitcoin wallet you can generate a bitcoin address that serves as a bank account number this Bitcoin address can be used to receive and send bitcoin.

Best Site To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

There available platform that you can use as your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria.

It is advisable to buy bitcoin from various platforms when you want to purchase bitcoin in Nigeria for every one of then their prices fluctuate.

How can I buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

To purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria:

  • Select a crypto wallet to store the cryptocurrency you purchase, you must have access to crypto wallet
  • Select where your want to buy your crypto, there are various available platform to choose from
  • Select your crypto, proceed to make purchase

Can I Buy Bitcoin Online With A Debit Card In Nigeria ?

There are several payments method you can use to buy bitcoin online in Nigeria and depending on the crypto wallet platform, and the payment method available on the crypto wallet platform you choose to buy bitcoin from.

Our top pick of platforms to buy bitcoin from in Nigeria, most people who are wholeheartedly invested in bitcoin use these platforms.


Paxful is a secure marketplace, Paxful was launched in 2015 by yourself and Artur schaback. Paxful provides a platform for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency to interact and post grade offers

Available payment options on Paxful are:

  • Debit & credit card
  • PayPal
  • Perfect  money
  • Swift
  • Western union
  • MoneyGram
  • Gift cards


You can buy and sell bitcoin easily on remitano in Nigeria the crypto wallet has a simple interface with a top-notch online 24/7 customer care service support. Remitano has one of the biggest trade volumes in Nigeria, and it is also in other coup tri’s like; Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China, it is very easy to purchase bitcoin in Nigeria from remitano, it has a save system called escrow.


Another best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria is Binance. Binance is one of the leading Bitcoin platforms in the world, you purchase over 200 crypto coins on Binance it accepts users from all around the world has a good review from the crypto community.

You can easily convert naira to bitcoin and bitcoin to naira, it has an awesome interface and it is very friendly for beginners.


Quidax is the best site to buy bitcoin from Nigeria, Quidax is safe you can buy coins like Ripple, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies from Quidax.

It is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, you securely purchase Bitcoin and also withdraw easily with Quidax.


You can easily create buy and sell Bitcoin quickly with NairaEX, all cryptocurrencies on nairaEX are store securely offline with leading wallet custodians according to the company.

Nairaex offers same-day funding and withdrawal into any Nigerian bank and all fees are included in the rate. Nairaex supports bank transfers, bank deposits, and ATM transfers.

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