Punk NFT Airdrop | Claim over 400 punk NFT finance Token Free

Punk NFT Airdrop – Punk is a meme Ethereum token. Crypto was designed by bitcoin but bitcoins are designed to transact and store ownership of bitcoin itself.

Etehreum is a successor of bitcoin called which provides arbitrary computer code to be carried out on blockchain and the result of the execution can remain forever.

Punk NFT Airdrop

How To Get PUNK

The entire amount of punk is 1,000,000,000 20% punk for community raindrop, 50% for presale, and 30% for more development.

As soon as presale is completed punk will be accessible on uni swap, then Hotbit, Coinbase, Binance, and other exchanges. To acquire punk tokens participate in the punk raindrop and presale.

After that you purchase punk on any exchange platform.

Punk NFT Finance Airdrop Description

  • Send an eth wallet to engage in airdrop, the amount for airdrop is 200,000,000. Every participate get 100 punk tokens, and will be rewarded 100 tokens for each referral
  • Punk airdrop will end 30 September after it ends punk tokens will be allocated automatically to the Eth address you submited
  • If the presale is completed in advance the raindrop distribution and punk listing will be advanced

How To Claim Punk NFT Finance Airdrip

You don’t need any gas fee to claim this airdrop

  • Use a browser recommended on the uniswap
  • Copy ethereum address
  • Visit https://punknft.finance/GG2GKF using your trust wallet
  • Tap on airdrop once you open the link, then proceed to last the ethereum address you copied from trust wallet inside the box proceed to submit.

Enjoy and thanks me later

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