Pepsi NFT Review – All About Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT

Pepsi NFT – Pepsi has announced the release of their first ever series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT collection.

As of the time of the announcement, Pepsi will generate over 1000 NFTs that will go live on the Ethereum blockchain on December 10th and will be free (except gas fees).

Pepsi NFT

Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs are inspired by Pepsi Flavors such as classic blue Pepsi, silver diet Pepsi, red Pepsi Wild cheery, black Pepsi zero sugar, and Crystal Pepsi and will have a variety of microphone images.

About Pepsi NFTs

Pepsi’s iconic collection was designed and created by VaynerNFT, an NFT consultant who helps organizations maximize brand development and build long-term NFT projects. VaynerNFT previously worked with Budweiser to expand the “Budweiser community into the Metaverse.”

These beverages firm has developed a waitlist mechanism to ensure that consumers enjoy an “equitable” experience with the Pepsi NFTs.

The Pepsi Mic Drop wallet waitlist will open on December 10th, and users who have been authorized will be able to mint their NFT on December 14th. The NFT will be confirmed and transferred immediately to the consumer’s wallet once it has been coined.

The consumer can then do whatever they want with the Pepsi NFT, including selling it on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

The launch of the Pepsi is NFTs is seen as an introduction in Pepsi support in the web3, a non-fungible token collection based on the brands pop culture theme.

In total, 1893 digital assets will be minted, most of which will be available to claim for free by U.S residents on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFTs depict a microphone-like character with additional features such as hairstyles, sunglasses, and more. Each image was randomly generated by an algorithm that is unique. The visuals were inspired by Pepsi’s flavors over the years.

A launch of a Pepsi NFT collection was almost inevitable, considering that many other major brands, including its greatest rival Coca-Cola and other PepsiCo brands such as Lays’, had already entered the space.

The link with microphones and music may be an effort to remind consumers of the brand’s association with the industry.

Consumers have to enter a waitlist, and 1843 will be approved to mint their an NFT free of charge, while the other 50 NFTs will be used for future marketing initiatives.

Still, consumers will need to set up a crypto wallet to participate, which may dissuade those who have no experience or interest in crypto.

As such, Pepsi is not necessarily looking to make this project mainstream but instead is targeting existing crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

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