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Nike credit card – Are you a user of and retail stores? If yes then the Nike credit card is designed specifically for you. has provided a credit card that offers its users a more shopping experience. A lot of people think that applying for a Nike credit card is a simple task to do because does not allow online applications of credit cards.

But am here to let you know that applying for a Nike credit card is not an easy task to perform. If you want to know my reasons, then you should read this article till the end. Before we go further on Nike’s credit card, let’s take a close look at what is all about.

Nike, Inc. 

It’s the number one largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel in the world, and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. The company was formed on the 25th of January 1964, as blue ribbon sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30th, 1971.

The company operated retail stores under the Nike town name In addition to manufacturing sportswear and equipment.

Nike credit card 

The Nike credit card is a card that comes with financial options and allows customers access to finance their clothing and footwear.

Applying for a Nike credit card 

The Nike credit card is an in-store credit card. To get the credit card, you have to apply at participating stores or via mail request. When the card is approved, It will be sent to your mail address and can be activated for making purchases at Nike stores.

Applicants can call the Nike customer service number displayed on the site to request a credit card.

Check Nike credit card application status 

If you wish to check the status of your Nike credit card application, you can also call the customer service number to speak with a customer service agent. Make sure you provide the application details to make things easier for the customer service agent.

Nike credit card account login 

With the Nike credit card login, you can access your online card account. Follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Nike store home page at
  • Click on the sign-in button
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the sign-in button again.

You’ll be logged in to your Nike credit card account.

Report a lost or stolen Nike credit card 

To report a lost or stolen Nike credit card, contact the customer service team using the number displayed on the card site. 

Remember, the Nike credit card is an in-store card – meaning it had no online application portal. So if you want to apply I’ll advise you to visit any of the Nike stores or participating stores.

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