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Have you thought what Netflix gift card is used for? No, Okay I’m here to enlighten you about the Netflix gift card with the little idea I have about the gift card . it will interest to know that the Netflix gift card is used for subscribing and enable you to gain access to stream online or download movies, TV shows of your choice.

You can also buy Netflix gift card as a gift for your lover, family, friends and more. It’s easy to purchase all over the world at any retail store close to  you. Also as a first timer, you can have a free trial to allow you to receive a free month of service for Netflix product. After the free trial month, charges will be removed from your gift card according to your plan monthly.

How Can I Redeem My Netflix Gift Card

They are a few steps to redeem a Netflix gift card; you must have a Netflix account to enable you to redeem the card code into your Netflix account page.

The amount of Netflix gift card you purchase will be added into your Netflix account balance to enable you to stream or download the movies and watch TV shows.

  • You must have a physical Netflix gift card
  • You will need a Netflix code on a receipt
  • And You must have a digital  Netflix gift card

Get Started As Netflix Member

With these easy steps, it will help you to stream or watch your best TV shows or program on Netflix anytime anywhere.

At any time you can cancel your free trial if you wish during you 30 days and you will not be charged. Note that email can be sent to you as reminding within three days before your trial ends to ensure that you can still subscribe to Netflix for you to enjoy the benefit and keep streaming on.

If Netflix is not your thing, you can be able to Cancel your Netflix account anytime.

To Become A Netflix Membership

Netflix gives you 3 membership plans that will help you. Take your price, pick your plan. According to your plan, it will help you have many people stream Netflix content at once from your Netflix account.


STANDARD DEFINITION {SD} :BASIC PLAN: it’s a one (1) screen plan which enables only one user to watch movies on one device at a time.

HIGH DEFINITION {HD} : STANDARD PLAN: this plan only available for two(2) users to be able to stream, watch TV shows anytime anywhere.

ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION {UHD}:PREMIUM PLAN: on this platform of subscription you can be able to use up to four(4) devices at the same time which includes high definition and ultra high definition when available

DVD PLAN: This plan is only useful in the united states. US users can only register for a DVDs plan only or can be able to add DVDs on their streaming plan.

According to Netflix, you will be billed once a month on the date you register and subscribe, for more information about billing, visit our billing FAQs.

You can as well change and upgrade your plan anywhere anytime from your Netflix account page.

Can More Than One Gift Be Use For Netflix

More than a gift card can be acceptable for your account.

Enter the gift cards at so you will be able to view your balance if it has increased with each gift card you added. Click your Billing details page to check your available balance.

Can I Make Payment With A Credit Card To Use A Netflix Account  

It will interest you know that the Netflix platform will help you redeem a gift card but don’t allow you to enter a credit card into the account, to get the card retail store and then go to Netflix,com/redeem, scratch off the foil at the back of the card gently with a coin, and input your PIN

.if you have an account, and follow the information above your gift card to your account.

As a new user to Netflix, it’s easy to sign up. What you need is your gift card,  create an email address, password and zip code of your location to start and gain access to watch all the movies and TV shows on Netflix.

How Can Netflix Gift Card Expired | Netflix Get Hold | Netflix Can Be Use On A DVD Account

Note that Netflix gift card can’t expire but can destroy when you miss-scratch off the foil on the information that’s printed on the back of the card.

Also, your Netflix account can be held  if you have an issue redeeming your gift card by trying it giving many attend on the account.

And it can take up to one hour before the holding of the account can be removed once you redeem the card if your account doesn’t cover the full cost of your month ( based on your current plan price).

You can contact customer care by clicking on start live chart or call us below. A customer care agent will be to help you redeem your gift card. You can visit to redeem your gift card.

visit your Account page, and YES, you can redeem Netflix gift cards on DVD account.

Netflix Account Is Canceled What Happens

When your Netflix account balance is consumed, it will be completely canceled. You will be able to stream for as many months of service as you have left on your Netflix gift card after your cancellation request and once your Netflix account balance run out, your cancellation will be active, and you will be unable to stream live or watch Netflix movies online.

How To Contact Us For Help

We are to help you know how to get connected with a customer care agent and also help to find a solution to your problem on they are two platforms on how you can get in touch with the customer care agent for your service.

  • CALL US :  Follow the Call Free in App device, call us for free through your Netflix app on iOS and Android.
  • START LIVE CHAT : they are some quickly solve some questions without live help:
  • you can’t find a TV show or movie on Netflix
  • you need to reset your password
  • I need to update my Netflix payment
  • Need to change my monthly plan
  • I need to recover my code on my Netflix gift card.

None of the above:

Tell us what your issue?

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