Neiman Marcus credit card – Reviews on Neiman Marcus credit card

The Neiman Marcus credit card is issued to customers by capital one bank. It will amaze you to know that the Neiman Marcus group and capital one have signed a new credit card contract that runs through July 2027. The contract covers both its Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman branded credit cards. 

Neiman Marcus is of the opinion that the retailer’s credit card is an opportunity to build customer engagement and loyalty. The company’s In circle loyalty program was one of the earliest in the retail industry. 

Benefits of having a Neiman Marcus credit card  

The Neiman Marcus credit card adds convenience to your life, especially when you want to make larger purchases. You can buy and lay later and no restriction to in-store shopping. Here are some of its card benefits;

  • Incircle membership allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend on a purchase.
  • Free gift packaging.
  • Earn greater benefits above circle five.
  • In-store perk card.
  • Double point opportunities.
  • Chance to earn $100.
  • A free two days shipping.
  • Get rewards for opening an account
  • Convenience and savings.

Neiman Marcus credit card 

The credit card has a variable purchase APR of up to 27.74%. It does not come with an introductory rate on new purchases and balance transfers, it’s returned payment fee is up to $25 and the late payment fee is up to $38.

When you make use of this credit card, you receive 5000 bonus Incircle points for opening an account and making a purchase that same day. You also earn two points for every dollar spent on credit card purchases. 

However, Neiman Marcus reports to three credit card bureaus. Before you can apply for this card you must be a member of Niemen Marcus or Incircle, and you must be 18years and above.

Neiman Marcus credit card application 

Your application will be processed and approved. You’ll be required to activate the credit card before you can use the card.

Neiman Marcus credit card activation process 

  • Visit the Neiman Marcus credit card application web site
  • Click on become a member
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Enter your financial details 
  • Click the Christmas notice button.

After activation, you can now conveniently use the credit card for purchases at Neiman Marcus stores.

In conclusion 

The Neiman Marcus credit card has no annual fee, and it’s a great choice for people looking for a low maintenance credit card. Using the Neiman Marcus credit card will be at your advantage because the credit card offers exciting rewards when you shop at any of Neiman Marcus stores.

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