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It has been a go go go for the Trump family, during the year 2021, Melania Trump  (Former United States First Lady) announced that she is launching her NFT platform after premiering her first offering: a painting of herself.

As reported, she said, “I am proud to announce my new NFT endeavor, which embodies my passion for the arts and will support my ongoing commitment to children through my Be Best initiative.”

Melania NFT

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to educating children aging out of foster care and in computer science skills (Though how large the portion will be is still unclear).

Melania Trump NFT first NFT offering which is titled Melania’s vision 2021, is a watercolor of the Former First Lady eyes by a French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. In an Instagram post Marc added “I am glad and honored to collaborate in this operation with Mrs. Melania Trump (The Former First Lady of the US).

This collaboration has taken place under the best possible auspices with full artistic confidence and with great efficiency and understanding on both sides of the common expectations for such a charitable operation.”

Melania’s vision also comes with an audio component, a recording of Trump that serves as a message of hope in which she says, “My Vision is to look forward with inspiration, strength, and courage.”

Melania vision cost one Solana, a form of crypto just like Ethereum, but can also be bought with a credit card for $150.  The sale is live through December 31. According to the press release, this is just the beginning, with more NFTs to be dropped on Trump’s website regularly, the next drop will launch in January, offering three elements: A digital Artwork, Physical artwork, and a Physical one of a kind accessory.

The Melania NFTs is being given in large amount to assist “Children in foster care community,” who said Philanthropy was dead?

The NFT, named “Melania’s Vision”, gives the buyer a string of code that supposedly represents “ownership” (this is literally all an NFT is) of “a breathtaking watercolor art” that celebrates Mrs. Trump’s cobalt blue eyes.

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