How to Withdraw OZC Token to Your Wallet

Hello Gooday… Welcome! Today a question came up to me on “How to How to Withdraw OZC Token”. The OZC token makes use of the O-DPoS algorithm, this is a Blockchain platform designed to bring solutions to the existing problem.

How to Withdraw OZC Token to Your Wallet

This article is not going to be dealing much detail about the OZC and their airdrops.

If you are yet to get the $10 OZC airdrop the go ahead and do that now.

OZC makes use of the latest blockchain technology with a multilayered O-DPoS census algorithm which helps speedy transactions at almost zero cost.

How To Withdraw OZC Token

Presently the OZC withdrawal is not available but at the moment you can make use of the OZC ICO page to deposit and buy OZC and for sure you can withdraw your token at any time except for OZC.  

This is what we have for now on how to withdraw OZC token. As soon as we have any update on that trust us to let you know immediately.

Thank you… remember we are still watching your back while you make money  

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