Clydesdale gold MasterCard

Clydesdale gold MasterCard  – incase you are looking to spread the cost of large upcoming expenditure, transfer an existing balance to save on interest, or avoid fees on overseas spending.

In this article, we will discuss Clydesdale gold MasterCard, its benefits, and the process of application. If you want to learn about Clydesdale gold MasterCard, do not wipe off this page.

What you need to know 

This credit card is issued by Clydesdale bank. Clydesdale gold MasterCard gives you access to a white concierge service, it’s more like having your assistant on call 24hours a day.

The card is used to buy items at any convenient time and payback to their credit card account at monthly intervals. It also gives users the choice to transfer from other providers’ credit or store cards. The Clydesdale bank partnered with the Yorkshire bank and they purchased virgin money of recent. 

It is considered to be a money transfer credit card because it allows users to use the card to transfer money from credit cards to bank accounts.

When using a credit card to purchase an item online, you won’t be charged for transaction fee. This card is accepted globally in over a 43millikn locations, cardholders also have access to entertainment and travel experiences through the MasterCard priceless program.

Clydesdale gold MasterCard benefits

Clydesdale gold MasterCard offers amazing benefits, and they include;

  • High-security checks.
  • No annual charges
  • Contactless payments up to £45 through Apple pay and Google pay
  • Direct debit payment option
  • 24/7 fraud support
  • Secure online shopping
  • Easy access to MasterCard priceless cities and enjoy exclusive events

Primary cardholders can add up to three additional cardholders who will each get their credit card and pin and enjoy easy parent options.

Am sure you don’t want to miss out on these amazing benefits, so hurry up and apply Let’s move on to that.

Applying for Clydesdale gold MasterCard

Before applying for a Clydesdale gold MasterCard, you are to meet the card application requirements which are;

  • Applicants must be 18years and above.
  • Must reside in the U.K
  • Must not own a Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank credit card.
  • Having known the requirements, let’s dive into applying for the MasterCard. Now follow these guidelines;
  • Visit
  • Click the yes or no option to confirm if you are a Clydesdale or Yorkshire bank customer.
  • Click on the continue button 
  • Answer correctly the questions asked.
  • Click the box to confirm that you’ve read the use of personal info statement
  • Tap on the continue button
  • Enter your details
  • Click on the continue button

With the above application guidelines, you’ll successfully apply for a Clydesdale gold MasterCard.

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