Best Nursing Schools in Florida 2022 Ranking – How To Apply

Best Nursing Schools in Florida – Looking forward to pursuing a degree in nursing from a reputable school in Florida? Have a look at the list of best nursing schools in Florida we have compiled here for you.

Florida has many universities you can acquire a degree in nursing from, but among these schools, there are unique and highly ranked ones that are recommended. They have all the facilities required to study nursing, with interesting courses and an affordable fee.

To pursue a career in nursing requires attending the right school, where you will receive the best training and quality education. Florida isn’t just a home for top nursing programs, it is also a place you can secure a high-paying career opportunities in nursing.

How to Identify Best Nursing Schools in Florida

There are a number of reviewed factors you have to consider when choosing a nursing school in Florida. Before putting up this list for you, we had also made a review of these factors. The reputation of the school, its tuition, NCLEX pass rate, its acceptance rate and its accreditation with ACEN and CCNE. These are the important factors that are reviewed before choosing a nursing school.

How to Apply for an Admission into one of the Best Nursing Schools in Florida

After making a choice of the school you want to get a degree in nursing from, there are other important steps you would have to follow to get be accepted into the school to study. These steps are:

  • Getting in touch with the school’s admission office: it is very important to get in touch with the offices that are charged with the responsibility of offering admission to candidates, to find out the requirements necessary for applying in the school. You can as well verify if you’re eligible to apply from these offices. Do not apply in a school you’re not eligible, that would be a waste of your time.
  • Meeting up with the School’s Requirement: after you have made an enquiry about the requirements necessary to study in the school. It is up to you to meet up with these requirements, by providing them and making them available for the process. You may be asked to submit a letter of recommendation, a volunteer experience and many other important requirements.
  • Submit an application: if you meet up with the necessary requirements needed to apply in any school of your choice. The next step to take is submitting an application and await an approval. Aside from your dream school, you could also submit applications in other schools your eligible for, who knows you could be offered a scholarship.

Best Nursing Schools in Florida to Study in

1.   University of North Florida: annual in-state tuition is $6,368, with  NCLEX pass rate of 96.40% Over a decade ago the nursing school was chosen as a flagship program in this university. Now it has a four BSN track options, including four graduate track degree and an accelerated BSN. Nursing students are given unmatched attention here.

2.   University of Florida: an annual in-state tuition of $6,380 with a NCLEX pass rate of 95.93% and accelerated. It has a highly respected BSN program, including a DNP and Ph.D. program. You will enjoy a vibrant student Life here.

3.   University of Miami: this school pays an annual tuition of $53,112, and has got a NCLEX pass rate of 98.51% It is a private university that possesses an excellent reputation. It is an expensive one but could be based on the fact that it provides a BSN, DNP and MSN programs. All available program prepares students to pass exams after graduation, with BSN students passing the NCLEX on their first try.

4.   Florida State University: it pays annual in-state tuition of $5,666, has a NCLEX pass rate of 94.74%. This university has accelerated BSN and MSN nursing leadership programs that are fantastic. The MSN is known nationally for accuracy in preparing students to become leaders in their places of work, as they advance in their career.

5.   University of South Florida: this pays annual in-state tuition of $6,368 and have got a NCLEX pass rate of 94.04% the location of the school is best for students who wish to study in a busy urban areas. It again prepares students for work, right after studying.

It is important to note that you’re eligible to sit for a NCLEX-RN as soon as you complete a BSN program from any of the above-listed best nursing schools in Florida or any other accredited university. After this would submit additional information, pass some background test and then begin my nursing career.

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