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Opensky visa credit card – Do you have no credit or a bad credit history? You might consider looking into getting an Opensky visa credit card. The credit card is issued to customers by the capital bank N.A., there’s also a mobile Opensky app you can use to manage your Opensky credit card account.

There may be better options for credit cards with lower fees or more benefits and rewards but if you don’t qualify for one of those, you can still been your way to improving your credit score with the Opensky visa credit card.

The credit card helps you rebuild your credit history. In today’s discussion, you will get to know everything about the Opensky visa credit card, it’s pros and cons, card rates and fees.

Apply For Opensky Visa Credit Card

Opensky Visa Credit Card

There are plenty reasons you may need to get a visa credit card. Maybe because you’ve gone bankruptcy or your credit score has dropped. If any of these situations apply to you, an Opensky visa credit card is a great way to get started with or rebuild your credit and increase your credit scores.

The Opensky visa credit card is one of the most popular visa credit cards that stands out because it does not require a credit check or even a bank account to be approved.

Opensky Visa Credit Card – Card Rates and Fees  

The Opensky visa credit card allows people to build or rebuild their credit to apply for a credit card without a credit check. The credit card has a $35 annual fee and reports to all three major credit bureaus.

Here’s a gritty details of the Opensky visa credit card rates and fees;

  • Annual fee: $35.
  • Deposit required: $200–$3000.
  • Foreign transaction fee: $10.
  • APR: 17.39%.
  • Cash advance fee: $6.
  • Late penalty: $38.
  • Returned payment: $25.

Opensky visa credit card allows users to set up to a $3000 credit limit by making an equal sized security deposit subject to approval.


  • Bank account not required.
  • No credit check required.
  • Reports to all three major credit bureaus.
  • You can set your credit limit subject to approval.


  • Can’t upgrade to an unsecured credit card in the future.
  • Charges an annual fee.
  • Must meet eligibility requirements.
  • No credit card rewards.


If your credit score is low or if you don’t have a credit score at all, the Opensky visa credit card could be just what you need to start to repair your credit history, increase your credit score, and get your finances right back on track.

It is the best visa credit card for you if you have a severe damaged credit history. It provides an opportunity for those who can’t access credit due to negative information’s on their credit report.

Remember, the ability to select your credit limit based on the amount of your refundable deposit, subject to approval can help you keep your credit utilization under control.

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