Solar Platinum Credit Card Apply – Solar Platinum Credit Card Activation – Login

Solar platinum credit card is a credit card which as its name implies is a card with more prestige and benefits than a gold or regular credit card. This credit card is issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank.

About Solar Platinum Credit Card

Credit cards follow same logic as the value of precious metals like, platinum ring which is more valuable than a gold ring. The platinum credit card enjoys higher status than a gold credit card, offers several tangible benefits when compared to other regular credit cards.

Solar Platinum Credit Card

With the credit card, cardholders enjoys 5x reward points on every Rs.150 they spend making online purchases and also earns RS.150 on other spendings. The credit card also offers airline tickets, air miles, movie tickets, mobile recharge cards and branded merchandise.

Solar Platinum Credit Card – It’s Amazing Features

  • The credit card have a higher credit limit than regular credit cards.
  • It gives more reward points than other credit card.
  • Gives you lots of travel opportunities.
  • Offer vouchers on movie tickets and gift vouchers across the country.

These and many more the features of a solar platinum credit card.

Apply For A Solar Platinum Credit Card

Applying for a solar platinum credit card is very easy only if you know the necessary steps. To apply follow the steps below;

  • Visit kotak Mahindra bank online application page.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Enter your CRN.
  • Tap the apply now button.

Your request for solar platinum credit card application will be sent to the bank, you can wait for a reply.

Note; your personal details includes; your name, email address, city, phone number, and more.

Solar Platinum Credit Card Activation

To activate your solar platinum credit card, follow the instructions below;

  • Go over to
  • Log into your account.
  • Scroll to the credit card section.
  • Tap the change pin button.
  • Enter your six digit card pin.
  • Click submit.

A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile phone number. Now that you have successfully activated your card, you can use the card without any hassle.

Easily Login Your Solar Platinum Credit Card Account

For easy logging in to your solar platinum credit card account, follow the process below;

  • Go to kotak Mahindra bank main page.
  • Enter your customer ID or CRN.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click in the login link.

You’ll be logged in to your solar platinum credit card account with ease.

For any enquiry about the solar platinum credit card, you can call the number displayed on the cards application page.

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