1SOL Airdrop – How To Get Free 1SOL Tokens – About 1Sol

1SOL Airdrop – 1Sol Protocol is what we have for you today. 1Sol protocol swift cross-chain DEX aggregate for decentralized protocols on Solana. This is the first FREE $1SOL token offered to their community.

1Sol is strategically cooperating with its partners in order to make things work better. 1Sol has been putting in all their best in the development of their Airdrop bot to reward their followers right from the beginning.

1SOL Airdrop

Finally, it is a great joy and a thing to celebrate as they are introducing the 1SOL Maste Airdrop campaign to everyone interested. Congratulations! This is an opportunity to belong to a great community.

In this article, we are going to be telling you all you need to know about the 1SOL Master and the Airdrop program. We are going to be looking at how can you join this 1SOL Airdrop? Requirements for 1SOL Airdrop and how to participate in the 1SOL Airdrop.  Site tight as we do this.

How can I Join This 1SOL Airdrop?

Follow this simple step below to Know how you can join the 1SOL airdrop:

  • Visit this 1SOL Airdrop Bot link
  • Then join the Telegram group and Channel
  •  Next, follow on  Twitter and Retweet
  • Finally, submit your wallet address and social in the bot.

Requirement for 1SOL Airdrop

Below is a list containing your requirement to get your Airdrop

  • Est. End: September 30, 2021
  • Value: 10 1SOL (Unknown USD) 
  • Referral: 3 1SOL
  • Required: Telegram & Twitter
  • Wallet: Ethereum: ERC20

How To Participate in the 1SOL Airdrop.

  1. First, add 1SOL Master on your telegram and the open the sharing link on telegram or you can search for @OnesolMasterBot

1sol airdrop

Enter the dialogue page to start getting Airdrop Coin.

If you have added the robot then follow these steps:

1. Click on “start” to resume conversation with bot

2. Click “Continue” below and move to the next step

1SOL Airdrop

3. Verify you are not a robot by inputting the text in the image

4. Here you have two tasks, first, click and join the 1SOL official group “1SolCommunity”. Secondly, join in the 1Sol official telegram channel “1SolAnnouncement”

At the end of the page click on “DONE” to continue.

1SOL Airdrop

5. Here also you have two tasks as well. First, click on the “Twitter” link the follow and retweet 1SOL Twitter. Secondly, submit your Twitter personal profile link.

1SOL Airdrop

6. Most importantly do not forget to submit your ETH address to get 10 $1SOLs after TGE. (TGE date is yet to be confirmed)

7. You can promote the invitation link by sharing and get more rewards.

8. You 5 additional $1SOL for each successful member you invite.

1SOL protocol has come to offer a more effective, efficient, and secures operation in Defi. It’s a Cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocol on Solana.

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